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Sustainable Living
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Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Living

In addition to the requirements listed below for the B.A. in Sustainable Living, students must successfully complete all general requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

To graduate with a major in Sustainable Living from Maharishi University of Management, students must complete 56 credits from the coursework listed below, which includes 4 credits of Sustainable Living Internship.

Note: Students who began the SL degree before Fall 2009 have slightly different requirements; see faculty advisor.

1. Math 170, Mathematics for Sustainable living. (4 credits)

2. Core Courses (24 credits)

  • SL-G202 Critical Thinking
  • Sl-B101 Sustainability Buildings and the Built Environment
  • SL-G201 Ecology
  • SL-E101 Energy and Sustainability
  • SL-G101 Permaculture Design
  • SL-P101 Global Sustainability

3. Elective (20 credits)

Students can spread their elective credits over any of the Sustainable Living elective courses, or they can concentrate their elective courses within a single Sustainable Living track. See Tracks of Focus.

Once a student has completed the 4 required credits of Sustainable Living Internship, he or she can apply up to an additional 12 credits of  internship to count toward the 20 credits necessary to fulfill the Electives requirement.

Courses that can fulfill the Electives requirement include any of the Sustainable Living courses, or the following courses in other departments:

  • Digital Art for Sustainable Living
  • Principles of Business Success
  • Entrepreneurship Project
  • Art in Nature
  • Web Design and Web Animation
  • EEG, Brain, & Enlightenment
  • Fundamentals of World Peace
  • Literature and the Environment
  • Design and Sustainability Seminar
  • Design and Sustainability Studio
  • Principles of Design

4. Internship
(4 credits)
Students are required to complete 4 credits of a Sustainable Living Internship.  It is possible to earn up to 12 additional credits through a Sustainable Living Internship, which can be applied to the Sustainable Living Electives requirement. We work individually with every student in the department, assess their interests and career goals and tailor each internship to those aspirations. We have placed interns across the U.S. and abroad. A sampling of the organizations, non-profits and community groups we are currently working with include: The Rodale Institute, Ho Chunk Elder's Council, Wildbear Mountain Ecology Center, Habitat for Humanity, Finca Luna Nueva Lodge in Costa Rica, the City Repair Project, EcoNest Homes and Fundacion Hogares Claret in Latin America. More on Sustainable Living Internships.

5. Senior Project (8 credits)

SL-G401, Senior Sustainable Living Project, will comprehensively apply concepts and skills learned in other Sustainable Living courses. It is advisable to first complete SL-G400, Sustainable Living Project Prep (which counts as an SL elective), in order to research project ideas and to ensure that students are beginning the Senior Project well-prepared.

6. Garden Plot Program (One Growing Season)
Students of Sustainable Living are required to maintain a 4′x4′ Garden Plot in the Student Garden for the equivalent of one growing season. More about the Sustainable Living Student Garden.

7. Pass Senior Comprehensive Exam on Sustainable Living

Graduation Requirements for the minor in Sustainable Living

To graduate with a minor in Sustainable Living, students must complete 20 credits from the following Sustainable Living courses:

  • Sustainability Natural Law and Consciousness
  • Leadership and Sustainable Living Adventure
  • Critical Thinking
  • Sustainability Buildings and the Built Environment
  • Environmental Planning and Landscaping
  • Ecology
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Permaculture Design
  • Global Sustainability
  • Plant Biology
  • Managing for Sustainability
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