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Web-TV Series Track - Program Overview

The David Lynch Master of Fine Arts in Film program is the first and only Consciousness-Based film education available anywhere. Students in the program learn about deep story and the whole process of filmmaking from a real-world perspective, while directly experiencing the source of creativity within through daily individual and group practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique.

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Bill Borden on the 3-semester Web-TV Series Track of the David Lynch MFA in Film

Web-TV Series Track

We are not currently accepting applications for this track. Below is an overview of the first iteration  of the Web/TV Series Track and is subject to change for future entries. Email for updates. 

The David Lynch MFA in Film program now offers a unique focus with the Web-TV Series Track.

In Semester 1, under the guidance of veteran Hollywood producer Bill Borden and working directly with a seasoned writer/showrunner instructor, students collaboratively create the series “bible” and then team up to write individual episodes. Guest lecturers present seminars in various aspects of the writing and production process throughout the semester.

In Semester 2, the class produces the series they have written with ongoing guidance from professional mentors, with each student directing and editing at least one episode of the series.

Semester 3 focuses on the post-production and distribution processes, with students learning to move each episode through final post-production. Once complete, the entire series is presented online. Additional screenings for industry professionals take place in Los Angeles.

Download the info-pack on our main page to learn all about the program. To do so, select an interest on the main page, press the “get started button”, and then download the info-pack for that interest.

Creating a Successful Web TV Series with Producer Bill Borden

Watch veteran Hollywood producer Bill Borden discuss the Web/TV Series Track.



Science and Technology of Consciousness

The David Lynch MFA in Film program begins with a fundamental course in Consciousness-BasedSM Education—the unique educational approach of Maharishi University of Management—called Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC). Read more »

camera-woman2The David Lynch MFA in Film program gives students the best possible preparation for entering today’s rapidly changing, hyper-competitive world of film and TV production. The Web-TV Series Track gives each student as much of a “real-world” experience as possible within an educational context.


In the interest of honoring the creative and collaborative efforts of the student artists in the program, DLMFA students participating in the Web-TV Series Track will receive a share of proceeds should the resulting series be sold.

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