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Get a 'Media Careers' Infographic

See how media courses can lead to a fascinating career in film, writing, music and digital arts

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The MUM Media and Communications Department trains students to create well-crafted projects of outstanding creativity and originality by combining practical, hands-on courses and the personal growth benefits of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. We produce students who have an impact in all kinds of media work, transforming the world according to the needs and aspirations of the global community.

With unique features such as a one-class-at-a-time block system, project-based learning and internship opportunities, we empower our students to both enter and succeed in fulfilling careers.

The four areas of concentration in the Media and Communications department are Digital Arts, Filmmaking, Professional Writing, and Digital Music.  Each is taught by experienced, expert, engaged faculty.

Digital Arts

Attract, Persuade, Entertain. Combine image and typography to represent ideas, convey moods, and emotions. Empower your community and amplify the presence of nonprofits and citizen groups.

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Video is the language of the web. Master the tools of the video from a cinematic perspective and you can transform the world. Go hands on in your first course.

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Professional Writing

The human brain is wired for story. Harnessing the power of strong narratives will make your message — whether it be entertainment or social advocacy — more compelling and sought after.

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Digital Music

Our lives are filled with musical cues that shape our experience. From singles to soundtracks, perhaps no other medium has the power to evoke a mood as music does.


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David Lynch talks about consciousness and creativity in a succinct and inspiring way.

Watch David Lynch

Take project-based courses that help you create an impressive portfolio by the time you finish your degree.

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We acknowledge the importance of both the creative and professional — and we'll teach you both.

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