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Careers in Education

Education as a Profession

A Learning Profession

If you love learning, you will love teaching, for teachers, first and foremost are good learners, and because they love learning, they love helping others learn. Furthermore, the teacher always learns more than the student in every lesson he or she delivers, so the teacher’s love of learning is constantly being fed by his or her work.

A Calling to Serve

In many ways teaching is less a profession than a calling. The pay is not stellar, though it is dependable, but the other rewards are enormous. Though the workload can be substantial and the responsibility is great, one is never bored, and one always arrives home in the afternoon feeling as though one is involved in important work. As Maria Montessori, the great Italian doctor-teacher said, teachers serve the work at hand, the development of a young mind.

A Trusted Profession

Interestingly enough, in several surveys teachers come in either first or second among professions most trusted by the public, indicating that over the years teachers have shown themselves committed to their work and seldom distracted by other temptations.

Loan Forgiveness

Teachers may qualify for loan forgiveness in many instances.

Most significant work for the future of the nation

Studies of veteran teachers show that the primary reason they continue in their jobs is the value they perceive in their job for society as a whole. Secondly, they report enjoying working with young people. Therefore, what you can expect to find in teaching is a career that enables you to make a difference not only among the students you teach, but in the society you create. Few people remember the doctors they met as children, but almost everyone can remember a teacher that made a difference in his or her life when young. Our programs are a foundation for a career guiding and supporting young people, learning on a daily basis, and helping to build the next generation.

Deep thinkers and great leaders throughout time have also recognized the vital role that teachers and education play in the life of society.

“A teacher affects eternity — he can never tell where his influence stops.” — Henry Adams, American writer and educator



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