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Maharishi Universityof Management


The Department of Exercise and Sport Science is committed to offering a wide range of sport and recreation activities to meet the needs of our diverse international population. The department administers undergraduate recreation courses, intercollegiate and recreational sports clubs, and teaches selected courses in exercise and sport science. Recreation classes serve as a dynamic activity to balance the academic routine of students. Sports clubs and intramural events provide ongoing competition for sports enthusiasts.

The department is very proud to offer a high quality outdoor recreation/adventure program. We offer day-, week-, and month-long courses in experiential outdoor recreation and leadership. We engage in many activities such as windsurfing, whitewater kayaking or canoeing, sea kayaking, flat-water canoeing, rock climbing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, and skiing. We travel to locations throughout the United States. We have also held six-week courses in New Zealand and Australia.

Each fall the department offers its Base Camp, where all freshmen and selected faculty and upperclassmen spend four days in a wilderness experience. The students have the opportunity to build friendships for a lifetime as they engage in activities like canoeing, caving, swimming, and mountain biking. The department offers a winter Base Camp for students entering the university in January. Activities focus on winter sports like ice-skating, skiing and snow boarding.

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