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Maharishi Universityof Management

TM Retreats

Students of Maharishi University of Management at a Transcendental Meditation Retreat

After learning Transcendental Meditation, one of the most enjoyable experiences a student can take advantage of is a TM Retreat. Sometimes called a residence course, a TM retreat provides a short departure from the rigors of academic study and gives greater emphasis to deep rest and self-discovery. As a new student you will have the opportunity to experience the benefit of a TM Retreat as part of your first academic course at MUM.

TM Retreats have a long history of adding extra richness to one’s practice of Transcendental Meditation in an atmosphere of good company, delicious food and pleasant surroundings. In just two days, you’ll feel refreshed in mind and body and be prepared to return to class with greater clarity, energy and happiness.

“The value of [a TM Retreat] is in clarifying the understanding about experiences that people keep on accumulating in their daily meditations.” –Maharishi

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Quotes from MUM students who attended a TM retreat:

“I love that we were encouraged to rest. It makes so much sense to have this built into university life.”

It was really nice. It settled me into my TM and gave me new deeper experiences.”

“I loved it. I had some very deep, profound experiences that really solidified my commitment to continuing the practice of TM.”

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