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BS in Mathematics

Explore mathematics and consciousness

Do you want to go beyond the traditional mathematics education? In our BS in Mathematics program, you’ll connect what you learn to your deepest self, grow as a person with the help of our supportive campus community, and learn math without the stress typically associated with the subject.

In our program, you will:

  • Learn about the full range of mathematics and how the subject applies to computer science, physics, art, and other real-world areas
  • Take one full-time course per month with expert faculty, giving you the time you need to fully absorb the knowledge, ask questions in class, and connect with your peers
  • Experience personal and academic growth through daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique
  • Discover the underlying reality in yourself and connect mathematical knowledge in a meaningful way to your own life

Practical mathematics

Even in your first courses, you’ll learn how math connects to your own life and how you can use it to better understand areas such as computer science, physics, engineering, biology, economics, business, art, and more.

In our classes, you’ll go beyond memorizing equations. You’ll understand concepts, logically justify procedures, and connect each function, equation, and concept to the overall body of mathematics.

Learn more with less stress

As a student at MUM, you’ll be taking only one full-time course per month. Instead of juggling multiple classes, exams, and homework assignments at once, you’ll have the time you need to focus fully and integrate what you’re learning.

Everything about our campus, including our class schedule, healthy meals, and single dorm rooms, is geared towards reducing stress and keeping our students happy and healthy.

Supportive faculty

Math Department Faculty

Our department offers a friendly, nurturing environment for all students.

Our small student-faculty ratio means that you’ll have plenty to time to ask questions, connect with your professors, and receive the support you need for both academic and personal success.

Transcendental Meditation

All students at MUM practice the Transcendental Meditation technique, which has been proven to reduce stress, enhance overall well-being, and promote the clear thinking that’s crucial to solving complex mathematical equations.

After meditating regularly, our students often find that they feel happier and are better able to tackle their studies.

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Recognition and competitions

As a student, you’ll have the option to present your research papers at the annual meeting of the Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America, where several of our students have received Outstanding Student Paper awards.

You’ll also participate in national and regional mathematics competitions, including the annual Putnam Competition.

Tracks of study

Our BS in Mathematics offers three tracks of study:

Mathematics track

This track provides a strong foundation in mathematics that includes an introduction to real analysis and abstract algebra plus a senior project in real analysis, abstract algebra, or another advanced area of mathematics.

Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for graduate study in mathematics or for a career in a technical, professional, or scientific area.

By taking certain electives, you may graduate ready for graduate study in computer science, in business, or in other professional and scientific areas (including our own MS in Computer Science program).

Mathematics and Computer Science track

This track offers fewer mathematics courses than the Mathematics Track and offers more courses in computer science as well as a senior project in computer science.

You’ll graduate prepared for a career in a technical area or, with careful attention to electives and other courses, graduate study in business and other professional or scientific areas.

Success in this track leads directly to our MS in Computer Science program–upon graduation from our BS, you’ll be prepared to complete the MS program in just over a year.

Mathematics and Physics track

This track offers fewer mathematics courses than the Mathematics Track and more courses in physics, up through an introduction to quantum mechanics and a senior project in physics.

You’ll graduate prepared for a career in scientific or technical areas.

Minor in Mathematics

Our minor program is for students who want to study mathematics to support their study in computer science or any of the natural or applied sciences.

To graduate with a minor in mathematics, students must successfully complete 20 credits of mathematics courses numbered 267 or higher and submit a portfolio. Learn more ➤

For information on the cost of our Bachelor’s degree programs, visit our Financial Aid Calculator here.

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Faculty profile: Anne Dow

Professor Anne Dow came to Maharishi University of Management because she found the students here to be happy, alert, focused, receptive, interested in mathematics, and able to understand their courses deeply. They were clearly realizing their full potential. She saw that mathematics at MUM is understood from a much wider perspective. Each topic covered is seen in relation to the rest of mathematics, the environment and society, all of knowledge, and oneself. Ultimately, Anne found that studying and teaching mathematics in this context gave her great fulfillment and a feeling of purpose.


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