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From the architecture of a skyscraper to the spiral of a seashell, everything around us follows mathematical laws.

In our BS program, you’ll connect math in a meaningful way to your own life. You’ll learn without the stress typical of the subject & see how each topic connects to your deepest self while growing as a mathematician and a person.

See how it all connects

You’ll go beyond simply memorizing formulas and learn to understand deep mathematical concepts, logically justify procedures, and connect each function, equation, and concept to everything else you’re learning.

In our classes, you’ll see how math connects to everyday situations and your own life while also using it to better understand areas such as computer science, biology, economics, art, and more.

Dive deeply into each subject

As a student at MUM, you’ll take only one full-time course per month. Instead of juggling multiple classes, exams, and homework assignments at once, you’ll have the time you need to dive deeply into each topic.

Our small student-faculty ratio means that you’ll have plenty to time to ask questions, connect with your professors, and receive the support you need for academic and personal success.

Learn math with less stress

In our math courses, you’ll be challenged and expected to meet high standards. But you will also have advantages. You’ll take only one full-time course per month, giving you the chance to interact with faculty, engage in classroom activities that go beyond just lectures in order to understand mathematics more deeply and integrate abstract mathematical concepts and principles into your way of dealing with the world.

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Mathematics and Computer Science


You’ll graduate prepared for a career in a technical area or graduate study in business and other professional or scientific areas. This track combines mathematics courses with courses in computer science.

Success in this track leads directly to our graduate Computer Science program: upon graduation from this track, you’ll be prepared to complete the Master’s program in just over a year.

Recognitions and competitions

As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to present your research papers at the annual meeting of the Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America, where several of our students have received Outstanding Student Paper awards.

You’ll also participate in national and regional mathematics competitions, including the annual Putnam Competition.

About our faculty

“Our friendly, nurturing department faculty strive to create a supportive environment for all students.”

Featured classes


Science and Technology of Consciousness


This course will introduce you to our unique system of Consciousness-Based education. You’ll learn Transcendental Meditation, discover what we mean when we talk about “consciousness,” and participate in a 3-4 day base camp focused on team building and leadership skills.


Calculus 1


You’ll gain a clear understanding of the language and concepts of calculus and how they can be practically applied to daily life and real-world situations. Topics you’ll study include limits, continuity, derivatives, applications of derivatives, integrals, and more.


Linear Algebra 1


You’ll learn about linearity, the simplest form of quantitative relationship, and learn how it can be applied to mathematics, biology, social sciences, and other key areas of study. Topics covered include systems of linear equations, vector equations, and matrices.


Senior Project


You’ll connect your mathematical research to the underlying tenets of Consciousness-Based education in a final paper. You’ll also prepare an oral presentation based on your paper to be submitted to our annual Knowledge Fair, giving you a chance refine your speaking skills.

Featured faculty

professor-stuart-tannerDr. Anne Dow holds a PhD in in Mathematics from the University of Queensland. Since 1966, she has taught courses in calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and many more topics at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. She has also taught graduate courses in partial differential equations, mathematical statistics, and real and complex analysis.

Anne came to MUM because she found the students here to be happy, alert, focused, receptive, interested in mathematics, and able to understand their courses deeply. She sees mathematics from a wide perspective, where each topic covered is seen in relation to the rest of mathematics, the environment and society, all of knowledge, and oneself.

Blog Articles

Jaimini Boender: Outstanding Student in Mathematics

Jaimini Boender: Outstanding Student in Mathematics

Jaimini Boender received the Outstanding Student Award in mathematics at the 2015 graduation awards ceremony. He also came in second at the 2015 MUM Knowledge Fair for his presentation on... more

Computer Professionals Program Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Computer Professionals Program Celebrates 20 Years of Success

The MUM Computer Professionals Program is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The number of students currently enrolled in the program has reached a record number—over 1000, including... more

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