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Learning Transcendental Meditation for International Students

We encourage you to take the Transcendental Meditation (TM) ® course in your home country before arriving at the University. The cost to you may be significantly lower. For certain programs, you may choose to take the course in the US upon arrival at the University:

  • international undergraduate and standard graduate students will receive a scholarship covering the full tuition for the University’s TM course.
  • international graduate students on professional programs (MBA Accounting, MBA SAP Finance, MS Computer Science) will receive a long-term, low-interest loan for the tuition of $480.

If you live in Ethiopia, Nepal, Mongolia or Uzbekistan or you’re applying to ESL or online programs, you are required to learn the TM technique in your home country as part of your admission process. Find the closest TM instructor to you

After You Learn Transcendental Meditation

Once you have completed the Transcendental Meditation course, you are required to complete the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Recommendation (or, if you are a resident of India, the Transcendental Meditation Teacher Recommendation for Residents of India). Fill out “TO THE APPLICANT” and “GENERAL INFORMATION.” Then take the form to your recommending teacher of Transcendental Meditation. The recommending TM teacher will complete the “INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE RECOMMENDING TEACHER.”

You or the teacher must then submit the form to the Admissions Office. It can be scanned and sent by email attachment to your admissions counselor or faxed to 1-641-472-1179.