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Effects of Meditation on High Blood Pressure and Your Arteries – Dr. Robert Schneider

Different Meditation Techniques have different Brain Effects – Dr. Robert Schneider

Effects of Meditation on Mental Health – Dr. Robert Schneider

Robert Schneider – Health Within

The Project – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr Robert Schneider explains how Transcendental Meditation helps the brain deal with stress

Brain Imaging of Transcendental Meditation – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Robert Schneider – The Intelligence of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Robert Schneider on Epigenetics

Interview with Dr. Robert Schneider on 2UE’s Healthy Living Program

Dr Robert Schneider Preview Our Conscious Future

Our Conscious Future – Mind Over DNA: Transforming DNA from the Inside Out

American Heart Association recommends TM to lower blood pressure – Dr. Robert Schneider

Lower High Blood Pressure with Transcendental Meditation

Robert Schneider, MD, discussing his recent publication in the AHA Journal, Circulation

Dr. Robert Schneider: Heart Attack Hope – with Dr Richard Broome

Robert Schneider, MD discusses his latest research

Dr. Robert Schneider on MIND-BODY-HEART tour — TV talk show in New Zealand

Lowering Blood Pressure and Stress Naturally – Dr. Robert Schneider

Dr. Schneider Discusses Vedic Psychiatry and Maharishi AyurVeda

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