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Maharishi Universityof Management

Living Laboratory

An Experiment in Sustainable Retrofitting

We make our facilities part of the curriculum — a living laboratory for you to practice what you learn in the classroom. Currently, we are housed in a 1960s-vintage science building that is in the process of being retrofitted with solar, geothermal, and wind energy as well as day lighting, motion sensors, etc.

Since the start of our program students and faculty have felt strongly that the built environment should reflect the values being taught within the building. In 2007 students led the effort to retrofit our existing building and by 2008 funding and plans were put into place for construction of the new Sustainable Living Center. Students still lead projects in the existing building and are influential in the construction of the new building.

Play (3:16)

Sustainable School Building

This current sustainable living building is fun, its kind of been our little guinea pig building which I enjoy.


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