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Programs to create healthy individuals and a disease-free society

“Only a holistic approach that takes into consideration all aspects of mind and body together can be successful in handling health. As every aspect of life is the expression of Natural Law, the approach to health must be based on the knowledge of the origin and evolution of Natural Law — guiding principles of intelligence upholding the balanced functioning of the human physiology.” — Maharishi

The Physiology and Health department at MUM offers undergraduate and graduate level degrees in integrative medicine; the future of healthcare. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of healers to be able to pursue careers as wellness consultants, wellness practitioners, medical doctors or naturopathic doctors. Our programs are based in integrative medicine because we feel that it is vital for future healers to not only treat disease and illness, but help prevent it in the first place, which can be achieved through natural, preventative approaches to health like proper diet, nutrition, activity and rest. Integrative medicine is the ideal combination of both natural and modern medical practices, and can be applied to many different careers in health.

We also teach a unique form of natural medicine at MUM called Maharishi AyurVedaSM, one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of natural health on the planet, revived and re-evaluated from a scientific perspective by our university’s founder and it’s faculty. Originating in India, ayurveda is now gaining popularity in the western world for it’s effectiveness in preventing illness and promoting balance within the physiology. Maharishi AyurVeda takes all of that to the next level by analyzing them at the deepest levels of human life.

Medical School Collaboration

The Pre-Integrative Medicine Track offers foundational courses in both modern science (Pre-Med) and Maharishi AyurVeda

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Maharishi University of Management (MUM) has entered into an agreement with the American University of Integrative Sciences School of Medicine (AUIS)

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Go from high school to medical residency in our Pre-Med to Medical Residency (BS MD MS) Track.

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