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Faculty Lecture: Cave Paintings and Video Games, by Cullen Thomas

“It started with nothing.  Literally nothing.”

Last week’s lecture, titled “Cave Paintings and Video Games,” featured Media and Communications instructor Cullen Thomas sharing his experience with his latest project: creating his first video game.  Known as a filmmaker and writer, Cullen has been working on this project for the last three years, during which he has learned about the art and physics needed to create a virtual world from scratch.

He explained the initial process: “We had to learn the math behind light in order to create light in a...

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MUM Student Grows Her Business Through Media Classes

Aditi Gentsch is a third year student studying an individualized major in Consciousness-Based Business and Media.  She’s applying what she’s learning in Media courses to help her growing organic skincare business, Aditi Botanicals.

Born in Fairfield, she spent some time in San Diego, studying photography and graphic design, and also going to an aviation academy.  Reflecting on her return to Fairfield and enrollment at MUM, she said, “I’ve just been really, really happy since.”

Right now she is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Aditi Botanicals, and is taking Media...

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Tara De Santis (VEDA) Hits High Note with First Release

Welcome to the MUM music blog! For my first entry I will be talking about Tara De Santis, a second year Media and Communications student at MUM.

Tara has been composing and singing since she was 15 years old, but as she explains, her passion really took off when she signed up for Digital Music Production class last year.

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Supriya Vidic Venkatesan, BA, Media and Communications, Creative Writing, 2012

Currently, Supriya lives in New Jersey and is an independent communications consultant. Some of her work includes:

  • Conducting audience research for a major Hollywood film
  • Creating non-profit strategy with New York Writers Coalition, and others
  • Consulting with startups, such as biotech and technology firms.

One recent client was Religions for Peace, the largest interfaith group in the world and a partner of the UN. Supriya tells me RFP works with religious leaders globally, such as the Pope, to help countries protect the human rights of their citizens,...

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Claire Potter: 2015 Salutatorian and Outstanding Student

“Claire is the embodiment of clarity,” said Media and Communications professor Gurdy Leete. “Her life is a work of art, in such a natural and spontaneous way, serving as a model for all of society and giving us such inspiration for the future.” Claire Potter was the 2015 salutatorian at Maharishi University of Management and the recipient of the Outstanding Student Award in the Department of Media and Communications.

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MUM Student Testimonials: Luke Hillis

Alum Luke Hillis was thrilled with the quality of education he received at our university. He recently went on video to tell the world how he feels about Maharishi University of Management.

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David Lynch MA in Film Students Meet David Lynch and Jim Carrey

The students of the David Lynch MA in film went to Los Angeles this month and met with David Lynch and Jim Carrey for their end of the year class trip. As Brand Ambassador for the Media and Communications department, I got to join them and report on the experience.

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2015 Salutatorian Profile: Claire Potter

What brought you to MUM?

I came to Maharishi University of Management because of the amazing community.  I wanted to study amongst people who were actively developing themselves from the inside out.  I knew that if I wanted to uncover more of my potential, I needed to be in an environment where others were striving to do the same.

What was your experience getting your degree from MUM?

Stress free, fun, and transformative.  MUM completely defies the saying “no pain, no gain.”   I have learned...

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Student Profile: Jaclyn Nott

Where are you from and what brought you here to the DLMA?

I’m from Minneapolis in Minnesota, only six hours north of Fairfeld, Iowa. I have family who live in various parts of Iowa, but none of them had ever heard of Fairfield. I heard about the DLMA program through a friend who stumbled upon the blog for the scholarship contest, and the cosmos took care of the rest. I completed my BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 1999, it had been a while since I was last enrolled in school, but now...

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Student Profile: Karen Borger

David Lynch MA in Film student Karen Borger is an Australian citizen currently residing in the United States. Photography was her first love and she discovered and explored the world of filmmaking at Sydney College of the Arts while studying Visual Communication Design.

Since then, Karen pursued filmmaking as her chosen vocation and subsequently graduated from the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School as a Director with her award-winning short film, “Serendipity.” She worked in the professional film industry gaining a reputation as one of the most...

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