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Our programs are designed to enable our students to:

1. Draw upon the source of creativity, and to practice Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhis, and advanced programs of Maharishi Vedic Science

2. Develop and enjoy a high quality of life characterized by happiness, vitality, and alertness

3. Articulate and apply fundamental principles of media and communications and of Maharishi Vedic Science in their creative work based on a critical examination of current and historical media

4. Produce a portfolio that demonstrates professional-quality skills in one or more of the following concentrations: writing, video/film-making, creative musical arts, graphic design, Web design, and digital photography

5. Examine any issue or subject in their works, both written and visual, and communicate fluently about the field of media and communications both orally and in writing

6. Develop the confidence, competence and contacts that will allow them to pursue a career in media and communications

7. Express uplifting values nourishing to the media producer, the audience, and the wider culture

8. Create media that enriches the environment and contributes to cultural integrity and world peace

9. Confidently use narrative to create unity and wholeness in a media project

10. Creatively solve problems in order to see a project from idea to completion

11. Work within a team, taking on the various roles required to complete a successful media project — to be a team leader when required, but also to perform well under the supervision of another student

12. Properly cite sources, and understand the practical issues of copyright, trademark and patent law that are relevant to contemporary media producers

13. Learn from and help build a creative community here that can have a significant impact for good in the world

14. Launch new media-based businesses, with the department becoming an incubator for new businesses launched by or with our graduates, in order to provide a shortcut for our graduates to a role of leadership in the world of media and communications, and to increase the size and economic vitality of Maharishi University of Management and the Fairfield community.


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