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The Internship program in the Media & Communications Department at MUM is thriving, with more than 50 internships in the last three years. Internships provide an excellent way for students to:

  • experience what it’s like to apply their knowledge in real world projects
  • experience what it’s like to launch their career in areas that they have been studying in class
  • make contacts and get valuable experience
  • explore, learn and mingle with leaders in the industry

Internship Opportunities

Here are just a few locally-based businesses where MUM students can undertake internships:

Friends from All Over the World

One great strength for our Internship program has been that the University has so many friends from all over the world. Many leaders in the world of media that are enthusiastic advocates of TM and interested in helping the Unversity’s students with internships. Read about Supriya Vidic’s internship with David Lynch TV.

The Block System Makes It Easy

In the Block System, instead of taking five classes simultaneously per semester,  students take one class at a time, one per month. This makes it easy for students to schedule blocks of time for internships. Students can earn up to four months of credit (16 credits) for internships. Internships can last for one month or multiple months. Students often are able to set up an internship with one organization for a month, followed by one or more internships with other organizations later on, in order to explore their interests and develop connections in a number of different settings.

Local or Global

Internships can be anywhere in the US, or anywhere in the world. For instance, in the 2012-2013 school year, student Lanie Goldstein went to Nepal to work on a documentary film; Haiyin Liang went to Beijing to work as a Production Assistant with Beijing TV on a spectacular annual gala show with many Chinese superstars; Aja Sumpter spent 2 months interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at the Grammies and the Oscars. 

Finding an Internship

The Media & Communications Department is eager to help students find internships that will help them meet their goals. Sometimes students already have connections in the industry and an idea of what they would like to pursue. In other cases, the Department’s internship coordinator can suggest a variety of possibilities depending on the student’s interests.


With for-profit institutions, internships are usually paid, because minimum wage laws typically apply unless the student is simply an observer. Internships with non-profit institutions may be paid or unpaid.

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