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Maharishi Universityof Management

BA in Media and Communications

Meditate, create, and become a media professional

Are you interested in a media career? Do you want to learn how to overcome creative boundaries and have your ideas flow freely and more naturally? In our BA in Media and Communications program, you’ll have the freedom to choose your own projects, develop a portfolio, and express your creativity in a variety of mediums while gaining valuable career skills and experiencing personal growth.

Unique features of our BA

  • Project-oriented courses taught by experienced teachers, in which you’ll learn through hands-on, collaborative work
  • Daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique, a tool that has been shown to boost creativity and lower stress
  • Freelance and internship opportunities that let you start your career before you even graduate
  • Healthy lifestyle components that support personal and spiritual growth

Choose from three concentrations

Our department offers three areas of concentration with many different specialization areas:

  • Digital Arts — including web design, darkroom photography, digital publishing, web graphics, and more
  • Filmmaking — including film production, documentary production, web video, directing, stop-motion animation, and more
  • Digital Music — including post-production sound and design, music for film, music technology, and more

Other specialization areas include radio, internet broadcasting, 3D animation, creative musicianship, and typography.


See photos, videos, poems, and other creative works by students on our student showcase page.

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Project-oriented courses

Our project-oriented approach will develop and deepen your creative process while giving you autonomy and time to effectively move from idea to completed project.

Additionally, the block system will immerse you in one full-time course each month, giving you time to get to know your peers and form close creative relationships.

Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation technique has been scientifically proven to lower stress, enhance brain functioning, and increase creativity–that’s why every student at our university practices it daily.

When you meditate daily and experience the other unique components of our program, including organic vegetarian meals, a low-stress schedule, and single dorm rooms, you’ll soon notice that you’re learning in a whole new way.

Start your career while still in school

music-video-shoot-crop2We acknowledge the importance of both the creative and professional aspects of a media education — and we’ll help you develop both. Our program is known for producing students with employable skills that generate satisfying careers.

Our students often complete freelance projects for local businesses and earn real-world experience through internships before they even graduate.

Experienced faculty

In our courses, you’ll learn from successful, real world professionals in an environment that supports your creative, personal, and professional growth.

Your instructors will give you insider advice on career options after graduation, access to networks of experts, and practical advice on applying theory to projects.


You’ll participate in and benefit from our exceptionally vibrant campus community and Fairfield, Iowa—a small, creative town with ties to the film, television, media, music, and arts industries.

You’ll meet actors, musicians, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs from around the world who will work with you to make your project ideas into reality and make lasting friends along the way.

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Minor in Media and Communications

The minor in Media and Communications can be combined with any other major. To graduate with a minor in Media and Communications, the student must take:

  • MC—W300 Narrative 1
  • 16 credits of other courses listed as required or elective for the BA in Media and Communications

For information on the cost of our Bachelor’s degree programs, visit our Financial Aid Calculator here.

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Faculty Profile: Stuart Tanner


Professor Tanner the Department Chair of Media and Communications. He is an acclaimed producer and director of documentary films for the BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and others. His past projects include: Saving The Disposable Ones (2011), a documentary that takes you to the streets of inner city Columbia; Time Team (2004), an hour-long archaeological program for the Channel Four/Discovery series, which uncovered the mysteries of one of the first man-made monuments built in Britain; and Children of Vengeance (2002), a documentary for the BBC on the Arab-Israeli conflict, which won the Foreign Press Association’s Story of the Year award.

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