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BA in Media and Communications

BA in Media and Communications

Create something extraordinary

You’ve always had the vision to create something that speaks to people on a deep level. Whether through video, graphics, or music, you want to go beyond mainstream media and make a real impression.

But how do you create media that reaches beyond the mundane and into the realm of the extraordinary? By tapping into yourself—a source of creativity as extraordinary as the work you want to create.

Connect to new inspiration

In our BA in Media and Communications, you’ll learn more than just the technical side of media production. We’ll teach you how to understand your own creative process and create work that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

As a student, you’ll learn the Transcendental Meditation technique. This evidence-based technique reduces stress, enhances clear thinking, and gets you in touch with your deepest self, helping you to bring renewed creativity and fresh inspiration to every one of your projects.

Full immersion in each project

You’ll study one full-time course per month, giving you time to dive deeply into each subject and skill without the stress of balancing multiple classes, assignments, and exams.


See photos, videos, poems, and other creative works by students on our student showcase page.

We offer three areas of concentration within the BA program:

  • Digital Arts — including web design, darkroom photography, digital publishing, and web graphics
  • Filmmaking — including film production, documentary production, web video, directing, and stop-motion animation
  • Digital Music — including post-production sound and design, music for film, and music technology

Our classes are project-based and focused on building your portfolio. By choosing the projects, classes, and topics you’re passionate about, you can create exactly the degree you need to pursue the career of your choice.

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Kick-start your career

Our expert faculty will support your creative growth with individualized attention and constructive criticism, pushing you to new creative heights and teaching you how to innovate.

You’ll have the opportunity to integrate what you’re learning with real-world experience through freelance projects and internships in our community of Fairfield, Iowa—the state’s entrepreneurial capital.

You will graduate from our program with an impressive portfolio full of your best work yet, prepared with practical skills and self-knowledge, and ready to tackle a career in media.

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Featured classes

Self-exploration is at the heart of an MUM education. Through our unique system of Consciousness-Based Education, you’ll connect each discipline to your own life and see how they all tie together.

The Power of the Word

You’ll learn how to communicate persuasively through speech, writing, and presentation and examine how effective communication can be used in storytelling, activism, advertising, business, and more.

Digital Music Production

Whether you want to write a symphony or a pop single, we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn basic compositional techniques as well as the production and sound engineering skills you need to turn your vision into a reality.

Creative Process

Break boundaries and rediscover your inner inspiration. You’ll learn about your own creative process and hear what artists, writers, filmmakers, and guest lecturers have to say about their own creative styles.

Graphic Design for the Web

Learn how to create graphic design web templates and turn them into functional web pages using Adobe Muse. Topics include video and audio for the web, pricing for web design services, and communicating with clients and programmers.

Featured faculty:


Stuart Tanner is the Department Chair of Media and Communications. He is an acclaimed producer and director of documentary films for the BBC, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and others. His past projects include: Saving The Disposable Ones (2011), a documentary that takes you to the streets of inner city Columbia; Time Team (2004), an hour-long archaeological program for the Channel Four/Discovery series, which uncovered the mysteries of one of the first man-made monuments built in Britain; and Children of Vengeance (2002), a documentary for the BBC on the Arab-Israeli conflict, which won the Foreign Press Association’s Story of the Year award.

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