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Maharishi Universityof Management

BFA in Art

BFA in Art

Find your inner artistic voice

Creating art is an undertaking made up of more than brush strokes, sketched lines, and other learned techniques. Perhaps the most difficult step lies in finding the inspiration to create in a way that is true to who you are.

The brush strokes of Van Gogh, the imagination of Dali, the dotted detailing of Seurat—where did these artists find inspiration for their truly distinctive masterpieces? How do you access this same source of creativity?

Self-discovery through art

MUM teaches the creative process in a new way. As a student, you’ll get in touch with your deepest self, the source of all creative inspiration, through daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

This research-based technique lowers stress, heightens clear thinking, and enhances creativity, allowing you to learn and create without stress in a way that is uniquely your own.

Dive deeply into your work

Our BFA program provides a more rigorous schedule of courses than our BA, making it perfect for students who want to hone their skills for graduate school or a high-level art career.

You’ll study only one full-time course per month, giving you the time you need to dive deeply into a wide range of topics like art history, philosophy, and critique.

When you’re taking a studio class, you’ll be in the studio all day long—all month long—creating art without other assignments or distractions.

Learn from expert artists

Our low student-faculty ratio means you’ll get the individualized attention you need to find your artistic voice. Our expert faculty will provide constructive feedback, help you to prepare for internships, and connect you with professional artists for lectures and one-on-one discussions.

You’ll graduate grounded in your own artistic style and ready to take the next step in your creative journey, be it further education or an art career.

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BFA tracks

Traditional Track

You’ll apply for the traditional BFA program during your junior or senior year after completing a Minor in Art. To learn more about BFA requirements, click here.

Graduate School Preparation Track

You’ll earn a BFA in Art plus pursue the additional studio time that you need to perfect your portfolio and apply to graduate school. This BFA track incorporates an extra semester of graduate school preparation work. To learn more about this track, click here.

BFA Upgrade Track

On the BFA Upgrade track, you’ll turn your BA into a BFA through as little as one year of MUM classes and dedicated studio time. Requirements differ depending on whether you earned your degree from MUM or another institution. To learn more, click here.

Featured classes

Self-exploration is at the heart of an MUM education. Through our unique system of Consciousness-Based Education, you’ll connect each discipline to your own life and see how they all tie together.

Artist as Philosopher: Critically Reading Visual Experience

In this course you’ll critically analyze, interpret, and contextualize art in terms of the history of art, art theory, and culture while studying some of the most significant writings by modern art critics, theorists, and artists.

Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary Studio

You’ll capitalize on your artistic strengths through studio time and work closely with our expert faculty, who will provide support you through presentation, installation, and documentation of your thesis work.

Prehistoric to Medieval Art

Explore the great achievements of art in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, the European Middle Ages, and more. Topics include images of the sacred feminine, Greek art, and Christian architecture. This course includes a field trip to a major art center such as St. Louis.

Drawing 2

Learn how to use the power of drawing to convey a story. Taught in an open studio, this course allows the teacher to address both the general needs of the group and the specific needs of each individual student.

Post-Bac program

Our Post-Bac program gives you additional time and a creative environment to develop a disciplined studio practice along with a strong body of work. This program provides faculty support and instills an independent studio practice that is sustainable outside of school or in preparation for MFA graduate programs. Read more ➤

Students applying to the Post-Baccalaureate program go through the same application process and considerations as other applicants. Full-time tuition costs apply. A limited number of partial merit-based scholarships are available.

Featured alumni

Recent graduates of our department have been admitted to top-ranked graduate programs such as the Cranbrook Academy of the Arts, the University of Iowa painting program, and the University of California at Davis ceramics program. Two received full scholarships and paid teaching assistantships.

art-hilary-nelsonHilary Nelson was awarded the Mildred Pelzer Lynch Fellowship for a graduate student in Painting at the University of Iowa (includes tuition scholarship and $9,000 a year).

“My time studying art at MUM created a strong foundation that I pull from continuously. The professors were so inspiring and supportive and their guidance allowed me to go deep into my work and move forward from that level. While at graduate school I think I have been grounded while flexible, and I attribute this largely to my MUM education.”

art-alex-gabrielAlex Gabriel is a BFA in Art alumnus and currently a graduate student in Art at the University of Iowa.

“In the MA in Art when we talk about ideas of aesthetic theory like “moments of being.” I can understand them in terms of my own experience of transcending in Transcendental Meditation. I learned at the strategy of approaching things holistically at MUM, which has helped me connect ideas from class to my studio work. The several months I worked in self-directed studio guided by MUM faculty has helped me feel at home in my studio, be self-motivated, and know how to move through projects with greater ease.”

Featured work

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