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Develop Your Art, Develop Your Self

You don’t have to suffer to create great art. That’s why Maharishi University of Management’s art programs support creativity through focused art training and personal growth without the stress of a traditional arts education.

In our art department programs, you will:

  • Unlock your creativity with Transcendental Meditation®, a scientifically validated meditation technique that reduces stress and supports self-development
  • Pursue one full-time course per month, follow a healthy daily routine, and experience fulfilling and sustainable studio practice
  • Grow creatively and spiritually with personal attention from experienced artists and inspired fellow students

Create Art Without Stress

We teach art in a friendly, low-stress atmosphere that enhances creativity and supports students rather than stressing them out.

Instead of juggling multiple classes and pulling studio all-nighters, you’ll be taking only one full time-course per month. When you take studio classes, you’ll be in the studio all day, every day without the distraction of other courses.


Visit the Unity Gallery website to learn more about MUM’s artistic community

Transcendental Meditation and a Healthy Lifestyle

As a student at MUM, you’ll practice Transcendental MeditationⓇ daily. This technique has been proven to reduce stress, enhance clarity of mind, and improve overall health.

In addition, you’ll enjoy organic vegetarian meals, single-living dorm rooms, and a healthy routine.

Through this holistic approach to self-development, you’ll learn how to dive within yourself, access to your inner reservoir of creativity, and create art on a whole new level.

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Small Classes, Supportive Faculty

At MUM, learning takes place in small classes—usually about 15 students per faculty member.

Each student receives personalized attention, feedback, and support. Our department faculty are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals in class, portfolio-building, internships, job placement, and beyond.

Graduate Success

Recent graduates of our department have been admitted to top-ranked graduate programs such as the Cranbrook Academy of the Arts, the University of Iowa painting program, and the University of California at Davis ceramics program. Two received full scholarships and paid teaching assistantships.


Hilary Nelson

Hilary Nelson was awarded the Mildred Pelzer Lynch Fellowship​ for a graduate student in Painting at the University of Iowa​
​(​Awarded to Painting graduate students with a minimum 3.0 GPA; approximately $9,000 and recipients qualify for in-state/resident tuition rate and a tuition-only scholarship from the Graduate College of up to $4,000 for the academic year.​)​

​”​My time studying art at MUM created a strong foundation that I pull from continuously. The professors were so inspiring and supportive and their guidance allowed me to go deep into my work and move forward from that level. While at graduate school I think I have been grounded while flexible, and I attribute this largely to my MUM education.​”​


Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel is a BFA in Art alumnus and currently a graduate student in Art at the University of Iowa.

“In the MA in Art when we talk about ideas of aesthetic theory like “moments of being.” I can understand them in terms of my own experience of transcending in Transcendental Meditation. I learned at the strategy of approaching things holistically at MUM, which has helped me connect ideas from class to my studio work. The several months I worked in self-directed studio guided by MUM faculty has helped me feel at home in my studio, be self-motivated, and know how to move through projects with greater ease.”

Creative Community

As a student, you’ll network with members of MUM’s global artistic community. Well-known artists and critics who have visited our university include Agnes Martin, Rudolf Arnheim, Jack Burnham, Jack Tworkov, Suzi Gablik, Thomas McEvilley, Doug Beube, Jane Gilmor, John Duff, Laurel Farrin, John Dilg, and Susan Chrysler White.

You’ll also experience Fairfield’s vibrant arts scene, which includes art galleries, monthly Art Walks, a performing and visual arts center, opportunities for internships, and more.

“I am very impressed with the quality of the program and the work produced by the students. MUM’s Consciousness-Based Art education with the Transcendental Meditation technique to develop creativity and focus, personalized studio instruction, and one course at a time is a unique and enriching experience for future artists.”

Isabel Barbuzza, Professor of Sculpture and Director of Graduate Studies, the University of Iowa, Visiting Reviewer of the MUM Art Department

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About our faculty


Jim Shrosbree is a Professor of Art at MUM. He has been a visiting artist and lecturer at numerous universities and art schools around the country, with his work having been awarded fellowships and grants from Arts Midwest/National Endowment for the Arts, the Iowa Arts Council and the Idaho Arts and Humanities Commission. He has been an Artist in Residence at YADDO in Saratoga Springs, and the NY and Watershed Center for Ceramic Art, Maine. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States, whith his work showcased in various museum collections, such as at the: Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Detroit Institute of Art; Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Honolulu Museum of Contemporary Art, Mint Museum of Art and University of Iowa Museum of Art.

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