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Maharishi Universityof Management

TM-Sidhi Program

The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi® (TM-Sidhi) program is a simple, natural, effortless set of procedures that accelerate the personal growth gained from the Transcendental Meditation® technique.  The TM-Sidhi program is designed to accelerate the growth of creativity, learning ability, physical health, and psychological well-being that TM technique practitioners report.

What are the TM-Sidhis?

The Transcendental Meditation technique allows your mind to settle down to the source of thought and experience pure consciousness — a state of restful alertness. The TM-Sidhi program trains you to think and act from this most silent and powerful level of the mind. The TM-Sidhi program was brought to light by Maharishi from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, from the ancient Vedic tradition.









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