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Meet Our Students    
MUM student profile: Ife Aziz (4:01)
"We all have so many layers, and I want to get to the deepest layer in my existence -- and smile from that space."

Oprah Interviews MUM Alumni, Navy Seal Troy Van Beek (2:56)
Sustainable Living alumni Troy Van Beek was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey during her visit to Maharishi University in 2012.

"I don't normally believe in breaking promises...." (3:21)
MUM Valedictorian Joshua Paling talks about why he decided to attend MUM, and his experiences once he got here.

Amine Kouider -- David Lynch M.A. in Film student (5:18)
Amine Kouider, MUM graduate, is now a student in the new David Lynch M.A. in Film program at Maharishi University. In this talk during convocation, Amine describes his experiences making films for the David Lynch Foundation.

MUM student profile: Rubén Yepes (4:19)
Former professional soccer player Rubén Sánchez Yepes (from Barcelona) talks about why he came to MUM. "You start to think, 'I have to win, I have to get better,' and you lose the heart part....The opportunity at this University to focus on myself has accelerated my growth so I can give more to myself and the people around me."

Life after the military (3:06)
"I've only been out of the military about a month -- I used my vacation days to start school." Sgt. Supriya Vidic, U.S.Army, describes her experience as an MUM student.

MUM student profile: Antwan Penn (4:25)
"It seems that everyone who comes here is focused on either refining themselves, refining the planet, or refining both." Vedic Science major Antwan Penn describes his experiences as a student at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

Krystle Liggins
MUM alumna profile: Krystle Liggins (3:35)
At the end of her M.A. classes, Krystle attended a Transcendental Meditation teacher training course, and for the past year has been teaching TM in the San Francisco schools.

MUM student profile: Minca Borg (4:10)
"Sustainable Living: I think of it as 'Intro to Planet Earth': this is what you should know as a human on Earth right now." Sustainable Living major Minca Borg describes her experiences as a student at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

"You're going to college?!" Older students at MUM (6:34)
What's it like being an older student at Maharishi University? Theresa Golden, Joy Salmon, and Marco Sunseri talk about their experiences here....
(Click here to see the full 19 minute version.)

Around Campus: David Lynch's cosmic message to Eric (3:07)
Communications and Media major Eric Boyd tells his weird experience, when he first heard about Maharishi University and Transcendental Meditation.

MUM student profile: Jessica Miller (3:42)
"My passion is creating community." Health and Physiology major Jessica Miller describes her experiences as a student at Maharishi University of Management (MUM).

MUM Veteran: "My thirst for life came back" (3:48)
Spec. David George (U.S. Army) talks about his experience with PTSD, Transcendental Meditation, and Maharishi University.

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Current Enrollment
As of the beginning of September 2013, 1,221 students are enrolled, including 77 in South Africa studying via distance education.
Enrollment has now topped 1,200 for several years in a row. The total includes over 200 new students who arrived in the fall.
Of those enrolled, 381 are undergraduate students and 859 are graduate.
Distance education students, both in Africa and the MA professionals programs, continue to comprise a large segment of the student body, numbering 566, while the number of Fairfield-based students is 655.
Again there are more students originating from countries around the world, 791, than students from the US, who number 430. Some 80 different countries are represented.
Enrollment increased even further in October, when approximately 70 new students arrived to study in the MS in computer science.
Fall 2013 represented the 40th anniversary of MIU/MUM first offering classes in Santa Barbara in 1973, when 130 students enrolled.
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