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Purpose of a Master Plan    
The purpose of a master plan is to provide a vision and framework that allows us to fulfill our physical needs as we grow our campus in a way that creates a unified campus character and identity.

A good master plan has all of the qualities of Maharishi's 5 fundamentals of Progress:
  1. Stability: Embodies the core values of our University giving a solid direction to our growth and a stable framework for expansion.
  2. Adaptability: Allows for flexibility as University goals and opportunities change over time.
  3. Purification: Allows for a way for decisions to be evaluated in the context of the bigger picture so that weaker ideas fall aside while any projects that are started add the most benefit possible to the campus as a whole. It also allows us to eliminate current aspects of the campus over time that do not contribute to its overall beauty or functionality.
  4. Integration: All parts of the campus are considered in relation to each other so that every aspect is part of an integrated whole
  5. Growth: And in this way every project (whether it's a path or a building or planting a tree) builds upon what has already been done so that we continue to grow and enhance our beautiful campus

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