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 Ali Arsanjani
Ali Arsanjani
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Email: aarsanjani at mum.edu
Work Phone: (641) 472-7000 ext. 4320

In addition to my faculty position, I am a software architect for IBM. I use patterns to build stable yet adaptable software edifices that withstand the test of time and clients (:-). I try to capture patterns and “best-practices” across multiple projects in various industry domains and enjoy doing research on many aspects of software engineering. Especially, what makes software engineering more fun to apply and more fun/fruitful to use for end-users.

I enjoy teaching and have developed a number of courses since 1994:

  • Advanced C++
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Object-oriented Framework Development
  • Advanced Object-oriented Programming with Design Patterns using Java
  • Object-oriented Database Management Systems
  • Distributed Component-based Systems

My area of research is at the junction point (pun intended) of software architecture, patterns, component-based development and integration and software engineering; particularly object-oriented software engineering. I specialize in object and component methods and process models within software engineering. I am working on extending current methods (RUP, SI Method) for incorporating and fully supporting component-based development and integration.

I have a method for component-based development and integration which incorporates Grammar-oriented Object Design and Variation-Oriented Analysis and Design.

I think business rules should be first-class constructs of the object paradigm and I have taught tutorials on best practices in designing and implementing business rules and components and business frameworks in the context of enterprise applications and across multiple projects.

I believe that business components have manners (rules governing their behavior) and that every domain has a language of its own that can be captured in a grammar (a domain-specific language).

I received my Ph.D. in computer science from DeMontefort University.


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