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Maharishi Universityof Management

Supportive Peers

supportive peers at Maharishi University of Management

If this website were reduced to only one page that described the uniqueness of studying at Maharishi University of Management, it would probably describe the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation® program in support of the Consciousness-Based℠ education experience.

But if there were a second page, it would describe the wonderfully supportive nature of the MUM peer student experience.

You begin to experience this unique feeling at a Visitors Weekend, but the experience doesn’t become complete until you actually come to MUM and start classes.

There is something special about attending a university class full of students who value knowledge and awareness. Students who practice Transcendental Meditation have a methodology for releasing stress and gaining in personal growth. More often than not, they take a positive, inclusive view.

As a new student at MUM, you will find your fellow students to be alert in class, growing in positive values, with a giving, cooperative nature. They add vibrant energy to the conversation, in and out of the classroom, and can make the intense focus of higher education more enjoyable.

MUM’s student body is multi-cultural, multi-age, and diversely-ambitious. When people like this join each other at a university, good things come of it.

At MUM, you’ll be joining a warm, inclusive family, and a highly supportive one.

We think you will like it.

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