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Consciousness-Based EducationWhat is CBE?

CBE is an abbreviation for Consciousness-Based℠ education, and this page is itself a a shorter version of a complete discussion of the topic over in the “About MUM” section. But here in the Why Study Here/Unique Elements section, we can still consider the topic, perhaps on a more personal level.

What CBE means to you as a student is simply that at MUM we really do care how alert and rested you are, so that you can learn more effectively. As the more extensive discussion explains, all students, faculty and staff at MUM practice the Transcendental Meditation® Program (TM), which has scientifically documented (and people-verified) benefits such as increased energy, alertness, and creativity, and a broader perspective.

What that means to you as a student is that you are growing in clarity of mind and inner balance, and are continually expanding your ability to assimilate and understand sophisticated and complex topics, which is a great aid to learning.

In addition, when we say consciousness-based, we really do mean consciousness, i.e., pure consciousness, a field of inner wakefulness that TM meditators experience deep within. All of the benefits of the TM® program are based on that experience.

Those benefits, and the very fact that such an experience is possible, completely changes the experience of learning, since a more alert student learns more. The entire field of academic study is also affected, because that inner experience sheds light on disciplines such as psychology, literature, art, music and others. The deep inner workings of human consciousness have parallels in every field of knowledge.

What that means is that whatever you study becomes less theoretical, and more experiential.

By experiencing CBE at MUM you simply become clearer and stronger every day, and gain the ability to more deeply understand and effectively function in any area of study or career activity.

We think you’ll like it.

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