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Maharishi Universityof Management

The Unfair Advantage

(of an MUM education)

tanell-222x300Yes, there are many reasons why it’s not totally fair that some students get to go to MUM and some don’t. For example, is it really fair that people who go to MUM get all of the following:

Unfair at school

Unfair at work


But it’s still great for those who get it. To learn more, contact us today (see blue form below).

Other things that may not be completely fair

Is it really fair that MUM is such a nice place to be?

Many students find college to be a stressful, lonely, high pressure, alienating and overwhelming experience. Some students experience social isolation and/or peer pressure to engage in alcohol or drug use that they normally wouldn’t choose to do. There can be a sense of anonymity and “just being another kid,” especially at a large school. Students in dorms can feel lost and alone, while the fraternity system can be both intimidating and discriminatory. All that is simply not part of MUM. This becomes immediately apparent to people who come to our Visitors Weekends.

At MUM you are surrounded by positive, active, growing people who are interested in self-development and learning. There is not a lot of stress in the air. It seems that everyone that you meet is an interesting, fascinating person. It may be hard to imagine, but that really is what it’s like. One new student asked “Why is everybody so nice? What do they want from me?” And the advice he got was, “Don’t worry, that’s just the way they are, they are just happy.” And did we mention the one course at time/no finals week thing? It seems unfair in some ways. But nice, of course, if you are here.

Is it fair that MUM graduates make such good employees?

Let’s consider the job-related research on the TM® program, something that every student, staff and faculty member at MUM practices as part of their daily routine.

In the business area, there are studies that indicate that the TM technique develops:

  • Increased leadership ability
  • Improved work and personal relationships
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Decreased impulsiveness
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Improved job performance

Compare those to the list of employee qualities that employers say they like. And while you’re at it, add to the mix things that gets better due to the TM program, according to research:

  • Tolerance
  • Self-development
  • Faster reaction time
  • Memory
  • Creativity
  • Graduate school performance
  • Grades
  • IQ

Let’s also consider that the TM program is just one aspect of MUM’s Consciousness-Based℠ education, which includes:

  • Direct development of consciousness
  • A unifying framework for all human knowledge
  • Special teaching and learning techniques that develop holistic awareness
  • A stress-free routine and nourishing environment

Consciousness-Based education: is that really fair?

Overall, the system of learning at MUM is called “Consciousness-Based education,” or CBE.

You can read all about it over here, but the main thing to understand here is that through CBE, you both expand the degree of conscious alertness that you have and, in MUM classes, every field of study is explained in terms of your own deepening understanding and experience of consciousness.

That means that even academic fields that normally would be opaque and obscure to most students can become both personally relevant and more comprehensible.

Approaching difficult and challenging material from this angle, over and over, cultures an intellectual ability (and habit) to look at all situations, including work and personal challenges, from a more profound level – a distinct advantage in both arenas.

Yes, it's completely unfair

It seems that studying at MUM is simply unfair: you get more improvement in social and intellectual skills, you get a lot stronger in many things that employers look for, you are learning in great depth (one subject at a time), surrounded by growing, fascinating people from all over the world, and are having a lot more fun the whole time.

And there’s a lot more about MUM that gives you an advantage, both in learning and on the job. If you want to see more, check out the Student Outcomes page, or our career evaluation and support services, or the description of our active learning methods, which further develop the skills that employers want. And if you are more of the entrepreneur type, you may enjoy seeing what MUM graduates have done largely on their own in our Alumni profiles section.

All of that is not fair, of course. But still somehow satisfying.

So, if you would like to have an advantage, that is, the fullest potential of your own consciousness, intelligence and creativity,  in both school and career situations, for the rest of your life,  let’s talk!

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