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Maharishi Universityof Management

Why Study at MUM?

Watch Video (4:00)

Why We Came to MUM
Students speak on the theme of "Why We Came to MUM."

Watch Video (3:57)

Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Roth & George Stephanopoulos on Transcendental Meditation
Jerry, Bob, and George discuss TM’s effect on the average person and its part in helping veterans overcome PTSD.

david lynch
Watch Video (4:23)

David Lynch: Consciousness and Creativity

Watch Video (6:53)

A day in our lives: MUM students
Undergraduates for a day on campus.... What is it REALLY like being a MUM student?

Watch Video (3:20)

Meet Josh Paling
2010 Valedictorian Joshua Paling talks about why he decided to return to college at MUM, and his experience.

Joyful Learning

At Maharishi University of Management, students gain a state-of-the-art education and full support in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the working world. As a student at MUM, you’ll receive direct, small-classroom instruction and individualized attention from experienced faculty who possess practical, real-world experience.

Enhance Cognition

It’s no surprise that when you get a good night’s sleep, you are a sharper, more attentive student. The uniqueness of MUM comes in the form of the Transcendental Meditation® program, which enables you to be literally “more conscious” during the day. With more conscious alertness to bring to bear on learning and comprehension, you simply learn more, learn faster, and retain it longer.

Be More Creativity

Every profession and every human being needs to be able to access a deep well of creativity within in order to meet life’s challenges. MUM students experience an infinite source of creativity from within their own consciousness, and by practicing Transcendental Meditation twice a day, they spontaneously and naturally bring that quality out into activity. MUM students and scholars enjoy enhanced creativity throughout the day.

High Quality of Life

MUM students are committed to personal growth and learning. Living in a drug-free, alcohol-free environment enables students to more easily make healthy decisions for themselves. Being around MUM students tends to be exciting, intriguing, and supportive of growth and positivity. We welcome you to experience and contribute to it.

Become a Leader

Typical qualities developed by MUM students include self-sufficiency, flexibility, and creativity — all highly valued by employers and extremely useful for budding entrepreneurs. By attending MUM, you will be gaining valuable knowledge and practical tool-sets that will enable you to reach your full potential as an employee or employer.


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