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Maharishi Universityof Management

Get What Employers Want

To a high school student, the world of work can seem more or less like a production line. You go to college, pick a major, get some training and then plug in to whatever job you have trained for.

However, to a college graduate, and to employers, the vista changes. Employers are not, in general, looking for people who know everything about their new profession before they step through the door. One reason for that is that it never happens – you simply cannot become experienced and competent in any profession just by going to school. You can only get the basic tools you need to show up on the job and continue learning in the real world.

It’s a surprising truth that many employers may not even care about what your major was in college. They are just happy that you have shown that you can get yourself organized to accomplish something, i.e., getting out of school with a degree.

So what is it that employers really want?

Let’s hear what industry insiders say about that:

“When asked about candidates in the job market today, an overwhelming 73 percent said that being well-rounded with a range of abilities is more important than having industry expertise because job-specific skills can be learned at work.” 9.9.2013 Huffington Post

“Employers indicate that they prioritize critical thinking, communication, and complex problem-solving skills over a job candidate’s major field of study when making hiring decisions.” 4.10.20 – AACU Study

“Creative, critical, practical, and wisdom-based decision-making and problem-solving skills, along with a mindset of lifelong learning and a strong work ethic, are far more important.” 6.17.2013 – Chronicle of Higher Education

An Incomplete Approach

In a way, it may be that the illusion shared by many high school students is a comforting one: I can simply study some area and then know what I need to do that job. And that may (to an extent) be true of technical training programs. But most jobs require that you actually grow as a person. And all careers do.

The Missing Piece

Growing as a person, gaining more alertness, collaborative abilities, broad comprehension, compassion, deep insight, and friendliness are the exact outcomes documented by research on our Consciousness-Based℠ education method.

We’ve talked about this in a number of ways elsewhere on this site:

But the main thing to understand about all this is that real, substantive growth as a more complete person is a great predictor of career success. Your ability to handle stressful situations, to instinctively find solutions, to view problems from a broader and more balanced perspective, and to collaborate with co-workers, supervisors and subordinates, are all needed, in addition to detailed facts and procedures, in order to build a successful career and a complete, fulfilling life.  MUM is one of the most likely places for you to be able to grow in all of these qualities.

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