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Maharishi Universityof Management

College Rankings

In this section we discuss the fascinating world of college rankings. In the right margin you’ll see several articles discussing the topic in depth. It’s an area of great controversy, since many students, especially students from outside of the U.S. take such rankings very seriously, while many experts within the U.S. find such rankings myopic at best and completely flawed at their worst (see Wikipedia article)

It is impossible to rank universities independent of the needs of an actual student. The true answer to “best” is that it depends on what you are looking for in a school, and what some schools may have to offer that you did not even know was possible.

In addition to teaching traditional disciplines, MUM has many features that other schools and ranking bodies have not even heard of, so there is no way to compare what we do with what other schools do.

At the same time, ranking bodies may set up ranking criteria that include, for example, the opinion of other schools about our school. Smaller or newer schools often do not have an established reputation. If you have an unusual name, like Maharishi University of Management, they may (and often do) have wildly erroneous assumptions about what we do.

In any case, we are happy to support the success of other schools, even though they may lack a focus on the full development of student consciousness, or a stress-management technique, or any other aspect of what we call Consciousness-Based℠ education. Even though they would score a zero on such measures, they are typically doing a lot of good.

At the same time, we suggest that you view college rankings of MUM with a bit of skepticism, since, even though we do offer knowledge of traditional academic fields, we are often ranked by entities that simply don’t know that, and such rankings typically have no way to incorporate into their listings an evaluation of the unique features that we offer. Our best rankings are in the satisfaction, fulfillment and success of our students and alumni, which we think are the ultimate standards of academic excellence.


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