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Maharishi Universityof Management

A Platform for Success

Like other schools, MUM will give you in-depth educational training in practical disciplines that provide both the knowledge and the learning tools you need to succeed in many different job or entrepreneurial environments. At the same time, your time spent at this university will enhance or expand the baseline of your experience: you will gain in alertness, intelligence, creativity, energy, and inner peace.

You will learn a technique of self-development that will enable you to manage stress, understand new topics more readily, and gain a profound perspective on all of life. People with these skillsets tend to do better as employees, as employers, as entrepreneurs, as artists, and as well-adjusted adults.

Studying at MUM provides more than just knowledge of academic facts, but also personality development, intellectual expansion and growth of consciousness that provides a good platform for success in life.

Heather Podoll: Successful Alumna

An interest in ecology and earth sciences brought biology graduate Heather Levi Podoll a prestigious $70,000 National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. With this, Heather completed a master’s degree in soil ecology at the University of California.

While at MUM, Heather was a leader of the students’ environmental organization, and received a travel grant to study ecology in Ecuador. She saw that, while many people become discouraged about solving environmental problems, “Here at Maharishi University of Management we have a different view—that these problems are very real, but the solution is just as real. Developing consciousness, so that people will naturally make decisions that are life-supporting for themselves and their environment, is the ultimate solution. We don’t have to become completely lost in all the chaos.”

With a wide network of colleagues and contacts in her field, Heather’s interest in environmental solutions is flourishing, along with family life: 2 1/2-year-old Catherine now has a baby sister Clare Chandra.




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