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Maharishi Universityof Management

Drug Free Campus

Maharishi University of Management supports maximum growth of our students and the development of total brain functioning. Therefore, we are seriously committed to having a drug-free and alcohol-free campus as well as substance-free students, whether on or off campus. Our stringent policy regarding alcohol and non-prescribed drug use reflects this commitment (see page 33 of the MUM Student handbook).

Consciousness-Based education is for those who wish to grow in higher states of consciousness, and the use of alcohol and drugs impedes that progress. The educational system offered at MUM is designed to unfold the infinite potential of mind, body, and behavior by completely natural means. The influence of drugs and alcohol is not nourishing to our University community. Therefore, anyone who uses these substances, promotes the use of these substances, makes them available to others, or is found in the presence of these substances, in violation of our Code of Student Behavior and/or the law, is subject to disciplinary consequences.

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