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Within a year of graduating, half of all U.S. graduates are working in a career unrelated to their field of study in college, and that percentage increases with time. What, then, is the value of the education they received?

Consciousness-Based education produces many dramatic and long-lasting benefits, regardless of how students’ career paths may change.

A widely used measure of overall self-development, the Washington University Sentence Completion Test of Ego Development, was given to our senior students and to senior students at three other colleges. Typically only 1–3% of the population score at the two highest levels of this test (“autonomous” and “integrated”), and the results do not normally change after the age of 18, before students arrive at college. Ten years later, well into their careers, these same students were given the test again.

  • Pretest — Of seniors at the control universities, 1-3% scored at the two highest levels — typical of the national adult population. Among MUM seniors, 9% scored at the two highest levels, which is high — they had been meditating an average of 4 years at that point.
  • Posttest — Ten years later, among the alumni from the control universities, 1–3%, as expected, scored at the two highest levels. Among MUM seniors, the number scoring at the autonomous and integrated levels had risen to 38% — unprecedented in the scientific literature.

This shows that the profound personal growth students gain with Consciousness-Based education serves them long after they graduate.

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