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Maharishi Universityof Management

Consciousness-Based Education Book Series

Overview of Consciousness-Based Education Series

Consciousness-Based Education: A Foundation for Teaching and Learning in the Academic Disciplines (12-Volume Series)

How does human knowledge arise? In what way is it structured? What is the source of each academic discipline? Is there a fundamental connection among the academic disciplines that might unify them? And how do these questions (and their answers) affect teaching and learning?

This series of volumes is the result of a faculty-wide project to answer those questions, beginning from the founding of Maharishi University of Management in 1971 and continuing today. These volumes present the application of Consciousness-Based℠ Education to each of the 12 academic disciplines listed below.

You can read this entire series online. Just click on the name of the volume below, and the link will be at the top of the page.


  1. Maharishi Vedic Science: Frederick Travis
  2. Education: Christopher Jones
  3. Physiology & Health: Kenneth Walton, Janet Kernis, Robert Schneider, Paul Morehead
  4. Physics: Gerry Geer
  5. Mathematics, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2: Paul Corazza, Anne Dow
  6. Literature: Terrance Fairchild
  7. Art: Matthew Beaufort
  8. Management: Dennis Heaton
  9. Government: Rachel Goodman, William Sands
  10. Computer Science: Keith Levi, Paul Corazza
  11. Sustainability: Mabel Scaroni, David Fisher
  12. World Peace: Rachel Goodman

We welcome inquiries and further contributions to this series.

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Consciousness-Based Books
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