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How are Vedic ideals upheld in the modern world in which we live? Visitors to the WAVES conference found out on July 31-August 3.

Maharishi University of Management was fortunate enough to be selected as the venue for the 11th annual World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES) conference. Over 4 days, over 100 talks were presented on the theme of Vedic living in a modern world, covering areas as diverse as quantum physics, agriculture, sustainability, women’s studies, mathematics, medicine, and more. The talks focused on how Vedic principles are – or are not – followed by modern society and how Vedic knowledge could help better today’s world. Topics included Yoga, natural medicine, agriculture, higher states of consciousness, reflections on the various Vedic texts, and a variety of other areas of study. Also included were performances by the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and various Indian musicians.

The WAVES conference is noted as being the largest group of Vedic scholars that has ever assembled on MUM campus. A description of the conference is given on the WAVES homepage:

“World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES) is a multidisciplinary academic society. It is a forum for all scholarly activities and views on any area of Vedic Studies variously called Indian Studies, South Asian Studies or Indology. WAVES is not confined to study related to Vedas alone or to India alone. It encompasses all that applies to traditions commonly called Vedic, past, present and future, anywhere in the world.”

The prestigious event was well-received by the Fairfield community and attracted international guests who came from as far away as India to present and learn. The main plenary talks of the conference, as well as some of the parallel sessions, are available for streaming on MUM’s Livestream page and on the MUM blog. They are compiled here for viewing convenience:

July 31:

Evening Plenary Sessionwaves-poster1 (1)

August 1:

Morning Plenary and Parallel Sessions
Afternoon Plenary Session
Evening Plenary Session

August 2:

Morning Plenary and Parallel Sessions
Afternoon Plenary and Parallel Sessions
Evening Plenary Session

August 3:

Morning Plenary and Parallel Sessions
Afternoon Plenary Session

To visit the MUM Livestream page, click here:



Katie Kelafant

Katie Kelafant is the Social Media Coordinator for Maharishi University of Management. She graduated from MUM with a MA in Maharishi Vedic Science in 2014 after earning a BFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Converse College in 2013. She now lives in downtown Fairfield and enjoys the fascinating people and beautiful conversations that the town has to offer.

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