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Troubleshoot Vimeo Videos

Too much pausing?

Some operating system/browser combinations do not work well with Vimeo. If the video is pausing too much, we recommend changing to a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Or you could try playing it on a tablet or phone.

Alternatively, you could click the settings button (next to the full screen button) and choose a resolution as low as 360 and try that.

If neither of these solutions help, then please email and let us know.

Can’t find the next video?

Please note that there is a row of icons above the video which you can press to view more videos. These are very hard to see on a small screen. And at the end of the row is a very small right arrow that you need to click to view more video icons.

Live streaming not working
Please find the chat for the live stream (which will be posted in the same page as the livestream) and you will get instructions in the chat. If we need to restart a livestream, you might need to refresh your webpage to view the new livestream video.

If a livestream does not work for some reason, we always upload a good quality video within a few hours after each session concludes.

Can’t see the live stream chat?
Usually the chat will automatically appear when viewing the live stream on the Vimeo live stream page. If not, try clicking the “full screen” button.

If you are not on the live stream page, please look for the link in the text above the video to go to the live stream page.


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