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Authors A through C

Allan I. Abrams — Paired-Associate Learning And Recall: A Pilot Study Of The Transcendental Meditation Program 

Allan I. Abrams — A Follow-Up Study Of The Effects Of The Transcendental Meditation Program On Inmates At Folsom Prison

L. Agarwal And A. Kharbanda — Effect Of Transcendental Meditation On Mild And Moderate Hypertension

Charles N. Alexander And Wallace E. Larimore — Distinguishing Between Transcendental Meditation and Sleep According To Electrophysiological Criteria

Charles N. Alexander, John L. Davies, Ronnie I. Newman, And Howard M. Chandler — The Effects Of Transcendental Meditation On Cognitive And Behavioral Flexibility, Health, and Longevity In The Elderly: An Experimental Comparison Of The Transcendental Meditation Program, Mindfulness Training, and Relaxation

Charles N. Alexander, Sidney C. Kurth, Frederick T. Travis, Tifrah Warner, And Victoria K. Alexander — Cognitive Stage Development In Children Practicing The Transcendental Meditation Program: Acquisition And Consolidation Of Conservation

C. N. Alexander, T. M. Abou Nader, K. L. Cavanaugh, J. L. Davies, M. C. Dillbeck, R. J. Kfoury, And D. W. Orme-Johnson — Effects Of The Maharishi Technology Of The Unified Field On The War In Lebanon: A Time Series Analysis Of The Influence Of International And National Coherence Creating Assemblies

Charles N. Alexander, Victoria K. Alexander, Robert W. Boyer, And Andrew Jedrczak — The Subjective Experience Of Higher States Of Consciousness and The Maharishi Technology Of The Unified Field: Personality, Cognitive, Perceptual, and Physiological Correlates Of Growth To Enlightenment

Charlesn. Alexander/ Wallace E. Larimore, Pauldash, Birneytitus, And Lynne Israelson — Distinguishing Between Transcendental Meditation, Sleep and Other Forms of Rest According to Electrophysiological Criteria

Michael Antes — The Effects Of The TM-Sidhi Programme On Rigidity -Flexibility

Arthur Aron And Elaine N. Aron — The Transcendental Meditation Program For Building Family Strengths: Blueprint For Invincibility

Arthur Aron And Elaine N. Aron — Rehabilitation Of Juvenile Offenders Through The Transcendental Meditation Program: A Controlled Study

Naomi Baer, Sanford Nidich, And Allan Abrams — A Comparative Study Of Maharishi International University And Two Small Private Colleges On Perceived Personal Growth, Perceived Academic Atmosphere, and General Quality Of Life

Robert Bakker, BA — Decreased Respiratory Rate During The Transcendental Meditation Technique: A Replication

David Ballou, MA — The Transcendental Meditation Program At Stillwater Prison

Jean-Paul Banquet, MD and Maurice Sailhan, MD — Quantified EEG Spectral Analysis Of Sleep And Transcendental Meditation

J.P. Banquet, C. Haynes, J. R. Hebert, and W. Reber — Sleep and Dream In Altered States Of Consciousness

Ulrich Bauhofer — The Transcendental Meditation Programme In The Treatment Of Obesity

Maria De Fatima Campos Belham — Introducing In A Military Academy The Transcendental Meditation Program For Prevention Of Stress

Herbert Benson, MD and Robert Keith Wallace, PhD — Decreased Drug Abuse With Transcendental Meditation: A Study Of 1,862 Subjects

Michael Beresford, Andrew Jedrczak, Michael Toomey, and Geoffrey Clements — EEG Coherence, Age-Related Psychological Variables, And The Transcendental Meditation And TM-Sidhi Programme

M.S. Beresford And G. Clements — The Group Dynamics Of Consciousness and The U.K. Stock Market

Michael Beresford And Geoffrey Clements — Real Time EEG Coherence Analysis Of The Transcendental Meditation And TM-Sidhi Programme

Ennis Berker, BA — Stability Of Skin Resistance Responses One Week After Instruction In The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Robert B. Berrettini — The Effects Of The Transcendental Meditation Program On Short-Term Recall Performance

Martin Bielefeld — Transcendental Meditation: A Stress Reducing Self-Help Support System

Karen S. Blasdell, MS — The Effects Of The Transcendental Meditation Technique Upon A Complex Perceptual-Motor Task

Catherine R. Bleic — Influence Of The Transcendental Meditation Program On Criminal Recidivism

Harold H. Bloomfield, MD — Some Observations On The Uses Of The Transcendental Meditation Program In Psychiatry

E. Boese And K. Berger — Psychological Effects of Transcendental Meditation

Candace Borland, PhD and Garland Landrith Ill, MA — Improved Quality Of City Life Through The Transcendental Meditation Program: Decreased Crime Rate

Jean-Michel Boudigues — Case Study Of The Transcendental Meditation Programme In The National Prison System Of Senegal

Eva Brautigam, Fil. Mag. — Effects Of The Transcendental Meditation Program On Drug Abusers: A Prospective Study

Vicki Jean Broome — Relationship Between Participation In Transcendental Meditation and The Functionality of Marriage

Graeme E. Browne, David Fougere, Alastair Roxburgh, John Bird, And H. David Lovell-Smith — Improved Mental And Physical Health And Decreased Use Of Prescribed and Non-Prescrffied Drugs Through The Transcendental Meditation Programme

W. H. P.M. Burgmans, A. T. Vander Burgt, F. P. Th. Langenkamp, And J. H. Verstegen — Sociological Effects Of The Group Dynamics Of Consciousness: Decrease Of Crime and Traffic Accidents In Holland

Randolph Carter And Jo Ellen Meyer — The Use Of The Transcendental Meditation (TM) Technique With Severely Disturbed Psychiatric Inpatients

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh,’ David W. Orme-Johnson, And Paul Gelderloos — The Effect Of The Taste Of Utopia Assembly On The World Index of International Stock Prices

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh — Time Series Analysis Of U.S. And Canadian Inflation And Unemployment: A Test Of A Field-Theoretic Hypothesis

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh And Kurleigh D. King — Simultaneous Transfer Function Analysis Of Okun’s Misery Index: Improvements In The Economic Quality Of Life Through Maharishi’s Vedic Science And Technology Of Consciousness

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Kurleigh D. King, And Cevat Ertuna — A Multiple-Input Transfer Function Model Of Okun’s Misery Index: An Empirical Test Of The Maharishi Effect

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh/ Kurleigh D. King, And Birney D. Titus — Consciousness And The Quality Of Economic Life: Empirical Research On The Macroeconomic Effects Of The Collective Practice Of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program

Kenneth L. Cavanaugh And Paul Gelderloos — U.S.-Soviet Relations And The Maharishi Effect: A Time Series Analysis

Howard M. Chandler — Maharishi’s Vedic Defence Technologies: Scientifically Proven To Prevent Terrorism And International Conflict

Jean-Rene Chenard — A Controlled Study Of The Influence Of Transcendental Meditation on a Specific Value Of The H-Reflex (Hoffman Reflex) Recruitment Curve And The Surface EMG

Geoffrey Clements, PhD and Stephen L. Milstein, PhD — Auditory Thresholds In Advanced Participants In The Transcendental Meditation Program

Geoffrey Clements And Byron P. Rigby — Fulfilment In Education: Self-Realization Found In The Simplest Form Of Awarenessthe Field Of All Possibilities

Geoffrey Clements And Daphne M. Clements — The Transcendental Meditation And TM-Sidhi Programme And The Reversal Of Agelng

Roy W. Collier, PhD — The Effect Of The Transcendental Meditation Program Upon University Academic Attainment

Paul W. Corey, MA, MD — Airway Conductance And Oxygen Consumption Changes Associated With Practice Of The Transcendental Meditation Technique

Robert Cranson — Increased General Intelligence Through The Transcendental Meditation And TM-Sidhi Program

Monte Cunningham, BA and Walter Koch, MS — The Transcendental Meditation Program And Rehabilitation: A Pilot Project At The Federal Correctional Institution At Lompoc, California

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