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Experience — The Practical Basis of Creative Intelligence


The Science of Creative Intelligence, the science of consciousness, offers a holistic framework of knowledge that includes both direct experience and intellectual understanding.

Study Questions

  • What is the Science of Creative Intelligence, what are its primary goals, and how does it achieve those goals?
  • According to STC, What is the root cause of suffering and how can human life rise beyond suffering?

Teaching Resources

Reading: Introduction to SCI View the file: SCI readings.docx
Video: SCI 1: Experience, the Practical Basis of SCI (38 min.)

16 Principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence


The Science of Creative Intelligence describes universal principles of nature’s functioning that can be identified in all areas of life.

Study Questions

  • Give some examples of principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence from this lesson and from previous lessons.
  • What makes these principles universal?
  • Explain the principle of “coexistence of opposites.” Where does this exist and why? Give a few examples.

Teaching Resources

View the file: 16 principles of SCI.pdf
View the file: 16 principles of SCI.pptx

Ashtanga Yoga & Maharishi Yoga Asanas


“Yoga” means “Union.”
“Asana is perfected by relaxation of activity and the dawn of unboundedness.” —Yoga Sutra 2.47

Study Questions

  • According to the Yoga Sutras, what is the meaning of “Yoga” and “Asana”, and what is the main premise of Maharishi Yoga Asanas
  • What is Pranayama and what is its purpose?
  • In groups: Write one study questions for each aspect of Ashtanga Yoga. Share answers and discuss.

Teaching Resources

View the file: Ashtanga Yoga for STC.pdf

Video:  Dr. Morehead DVD of Maharishi Yoga Asana demonstration (23 min.) available at the DC office or via campus cable

Hand-out: pictures of Asanas
Arrange: demonstration of advanced sets (2nd and 3rd) of Maharishi Yoga Asanas for those who would like it — there are always several students for whom the first set is too basic.

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