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As I sat in the student lounge yesterday watching the Super Bowl game amidst all the excitement and energy, I became aware of how wonderful of a decision I made in coming here three years ago. The diversity, professors, students, and knowledge have all added to my experience here at MUM.
Looking around the room during the game I was amazed at what I saw. There were people from all around the world: China, Ethiopia, India, Eretria, Argentina, Columbia, Caribbean, and America. We were all there to enjoy an American cultural tradition, but really who doesn’t like to see some of the world’s best athletes competing for the championship. This is what life is like at MUM. Each individual has their own interest or cultural practices and MUM bridges the gap between them.
Here at MUM we operate on the block system meaning you take one course at a time. This allows for student’s full focus to be put towards a single course. Classes are relatively small, which allow for students to receive feedback and individual attention from their professors. Coming here it was comforting to know there were open lines of communication between my professors and me. If I had a homework question, being able to call my professor at their home, showed they had a high level of respect for me.

In addition to supportive professors, I found students here to be just as supportive if not more. The friendships I’ve made here are like none other. They have been built on strong support, love, appreciation, and respect, all which keeps us bonded together no matter what. Ask anyone here what’s their favorite thing about the university, and they will say “the people.”

As Student Government Vice-President I have come to realize not only am I the voice of the student but the administration as well. Both students and administration look toward the Student Government to share their questions, concerns, and ideas. The same amount of respect I have for a member of the Executive Committee is the same he/she would have for me. One of my main duties on the Student Government is to oversee all the student clubs on campus. It’s amazing to see the wide range of clubs we have for such a small school, it definitely comes with a sense of pride. From cultural cooking to bee keeping and everything in between the focus is on bettering the community.

Life at MUM is a constant process of growth, but with people always there to support you!

Paul Stokstad

Paul Stokstad Paul is the "Alumni Guy" for MUM, is fond of red clay tennis courts, contact improv, anything by Neil Gaiman or J.R.R. Tolkien, disco (despite everything) and, at the end of the movie, he would love nothing more than to be the forgotten screenwriter.

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