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Sustainable Living
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  Program Directors

  Lonnie Gamble

  641-472-7000 ext. 2291


  Travis Cox

  641-472-7000 ext. 3306

  Department Chair

  David Fisher

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Course Descriptions

The Sustainable Living Program courses provide a mix of theoretical and hands on practical activities. All courses work to train students in the core competencies needed for creating sustainable communities. These skills and tools have also been proven to be highly desirable to prospective employers, and they are all enriched by our focus on development of consciousness.


The skills of an Environmental Problem Solver / Change Agent include:

  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Digital media literacy
  • Information literacy and critical thinking
  • Common sense
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group collaboration
  • A lifelong love of learning

Below are the classes offered as of March 2011. All of MUM runs on a block schedule, so only a handful classes within the department are taught at any one time. This list is subject to change, but to see when classes are offered, please visit the online schedule of classes, or contact Diana Krystofiak at dkrystofiak@mum.edu or 641-919-3645 ext. 2293 for more information. Here also is the full MUM catalog.


(click on each course below for a description)

SL-A101 Organic Agriculture ->    
SL-E101 Energy and Sustainability ->    
SL-B101 Sustainability, Buildings and the Built Environment ->    
SL-G101 Permaculture Design ->    
SL-P101 Global Sustainability and Veda ->    
SL-G102 Consciousness and Sustainability ->    
SL-G105 Physics and Chemistry for Sustainability ->    
SL-G109 Natural Beekeping ->    
SL-G111 Basic Training in Becoming an Organic Inspector ->    
SL-G110 Sustainable Woodworking ->    
SL-G130 Materials, Tools, and Methods for Sustainability ->    
SL-G139 Sustainable Living Workshop ->    
SL-G150 Ideal Human Relationships ->    
SL-G140 Earth Systems ->    
SL-G195 Living Systems ->    
SL-F151 Deep Ecology ->    
SL-G200 Building Biology ->    
SL-A201 Season Extension ->    
SL-E201 Renewable Energy Technology I ->    
SL-B201 Natural Building ->    
SL-G201 Ecology ->    
SL-B202 Ecocities ->    
SL-P202 Policy for Food Security ->    
SL-E202 Renewable Energy Technology II ->    
SL-G202 Creative and Critical Thinking ->    
SL-G204 Solutions to Climate Change ->    
SL-G203 Plant Taxonomy ->    
SL-G210 Artisanal Food and the Slow Food Movement ->    
SL-G205 Trees and Sustainable Forestry ->    
SL-G220 Environmental Planning and Landscaping ->    
SL-G225 Applied Systems Thinking ->    
SL-G230 Sustainable Living Internship ->    
SL-G240 Exotic Tropical Fruit Production ->    
SL-G250 The Art and Science of Fruit Culture ->    
SL-G270 Design, Innovation, Sustainability ->    
SL-G260 Energy Auditing ->    
SL-G280 Ethnobotany ->    
SL-G300 Local Economy Networks ->    
SL-G298 Ecovillages and Intentional Communities ->    
SL-B301 High Performance Green Building ->    
SL-A301 Living Soil ->    
SL-E301 Modeling and Monitoring Energy Flow ->    
SL-P302 Energy, Consciousness and Society ->    
SL-F305 Spirituality and Sustainability ->    
SL-G310 Sustainable Landscape Architecture ->    
SL-G320 Building a Biodiesel Co-op ->    
SL-G324 Basic AutoCAD ->    
SL-G330 Campus Sustainability and the AASHE Conference ->    
SL-G340 Economics of Sustainability ->    
SL-G350 Plant Biology ->    
SL-G355 Earth Materials ->    
SL-G353 Sustainable Water Resource Management ->    
SL-G380 Biology Research ->    
SL-G370 Environmental Law ->    
SL-G399 Directed Study ->    
SL-G400 Sustainable Living Project Prep ->    
SL-A401 Planning a Sustainable Family Farm ->    
SL-F401 Philosophies of Sustainability ->    
SL-G401 Senior Sustainable Living Project ->    
SL-G402 Green Leadership Adventure ->    
SL-G403 Internship in Teaching Sustainability ->    
SL-G410 Sustainable Living Certification ->    
SL-P404 How to Create Social Change ->    
SL-G411 Student Marketing Team ->    
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