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Maharishi Universityof Management

Regenerative Organic Agriculture Programs

Transforming Our Food Supply

“A truly regenerative agriculture is one in which all the natural resources we use to produce food get renewed in the process of using them.”
– Fred Kirschenmann, thought leader in regenerative organic agriculture

In our regenerative organic agriculture programs, you’ll learn a variety of skills — including how to grow food sustainably, how to sell produce, and more — in hands-on classes with expert faculty. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, experience, and connections you need to pursue a career in sustainable agriculture.

What is regenerative organic agriculture? ➤

Many of us are already familiar with organic agriculture, which does not use GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or artificial pesticides. However, most organic agriculture still relies on introducing natural fertilizers and pesticides into the growing process, creating an agricultural process reliant on substitution that is still far from how nature actually operates.

Regenerative organic agriculture, in contrast, actually regenerates the natural resources used in the production of food during the farming process itself, thus supporting the entire surrounding ecosystem without the need to introduce outside substances. Regenerative agriculture is truly natural, completely sustainable, and works with nature instead of against it.

Our programs teach a wide range of regenerative organic agriculture techniques and incorporate elements of biodynamic agriculture and traditional farming knowledge from around the world. You’ll learn a variety of skills that will help you to develop a balanced relationship with the Earth, including how to produce food efficiently and how to reduce water use.

Two programs to choose from

BA Program

Our BA program is for those who want to earn a BA in Regenerative Organic Agriculture as well as certification in regenerative organic agriculture.

Transfer students and students holding an associate’s degree can finish the BA program in as little as two years.

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10-month Certificate Program

Our 10-month certificate program is tailored to those who want to learn the knowledge quickly and earn their certificate in Regenerative Organic Agriculture without completing an entire college degree.

This stand-alone certificate program cannot be taken for college credit.

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MUM offers the first regenerative organic agriculture academic programs in the U.S. We take learning beyond the classroom and provide our students with the hands-on farming experience they need to use their skills confidently in the field.

Transfer students can complete their degree in as little as two years, depending on how many credits are transferred. Community college graduates with associate degrees can complete a bachelor’s degree in two years.

International Partnerships


Sponsored by:

We’ve partnered with the some of the top sustainable agriculture associations from around the world, including IFOAM, Demeter, and the Biodynamic Association, to bring you programs that holds international credibility.

Our partnership with these organizations means you’ll be immediately recognized in the field and ready to pursue a career in sustainable agriculture upon completion of your certification.

About the Director

sl-thim2The programs are led by Dr. Appachanda Thimmaiah, who has spent his career developing low-cost organic farming solutions worldwide. Dr. Thimmaiah has advised various international organizations, agri-business corporations, governments and NGO’s in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Italy, Holland, and Costa Rica, and facilitated Bhutan’s transition to the world’s first 100% organic and carbon neutral nation.

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 BA in Organic Agriculture:
New college students
BA in Organic Agriculture:
Transferring college students
11-Month Certificate Program
Credits required for program completion:128+ credit hours required.

Core courses, additional sustainable living, and elective credits will make up the rest.
Students may transfer up to 70 credits from
their previous institution.
Those completing the stand-alone program receive their certificate after completing the 11- month program. No college credit is given for this track.
Program tuition and other costs:Standard Tuition Fees plus course fees for certain courses.Standard Tuition Fees plus course fees for certain courses.$11,530 tuition for 11 month program.

$7,400 Housing/meals for 11 months
Financial Aid:Standard financial aid options are available for U.S. students.Standard financial aid options are available
for U.S. students.
Financial aid is not available for this program.
More info:Click here to learn more about the BA program.Click here to learn more about the BA program.Click here to learn more about the certificate program.

For information on the costs of our regenerative organic agriculture programs, visit our Cost & Aid Calculator here.

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