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First Year of the Online Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

The following is the projected schedule for students who entered the Online Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in June, 2019, and is subject to change.

Spring 2019

NumberTitle CreditsStartEnd
STC 108Science and Technology of Consciousness5Feb 11Apr 25
FA 204 CCTSThe Quest for Self-Knowledge in Media and Myth4Feb 25Apr 25
PH 101Physiology is Consciousness4Apr 29Jun 30
MATH 130Quantitative Reasoning4Apr 29Jun 30

Summer 2019

NumberTitle CreditsStartEnd
PHYS 297 CCTSPhilosophy of Science2Jun 24Jul 18

Fall 2019

NumberTitle CreditsStartEnd
LA 100Creating a Daily Routine for Maximum Effectiveness1Aug 19Aug 30
STC 508Science and Technology of Consciousness5Aug 19Oct 24
At most two of the following:
PHYS 310Foundations of Physics and Consciousness4Sep 2Oct 24
MGT 405Cross-Cultural Communication4Sep 2Oct 24
PH 251Basic Principles of Maharishi AyurVeda I4Sep 2Oct 24
At most two of the following:
WTG 195Writing for Professional Development4Oct 28Nov 21
SL-P101Global Sustainability4Oct 28Nov 21
PH 252Basic Principles of Maharishi AyurVeda II4Oct 28Nov 21

Spring 2020

NumberTitle CreditsStartEnd
FOR 103Health-Related Fitness2Jan 6Jan 30
FOR 431Higher States of Consciousness2Jan 6Jan 30