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The degree completion program that immerses you in deep knowledge, inner growth, and practical career preparation

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Spring 2020

  • Gain the practical skills valued most by employers
  • Join a supportive online community of students and faculty
  • Complete your undergraduate degree in as little as one year
  • Discover how ​everything you study ​connect​s​ to your inner self

Gain practical, employable skills

We’ve developed our program around the creative, adaptable skills needed in any workplace. A U.S. News survey found that the four qualities that employers want most are:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Communication skills – written and verbal
  • Applied knowledge in real-world settings

In our bachelor’s program, you’ll strengthen these qualities through a unique lineup of courses that will do more than prepare you for a career — it will help you grow into the best person you can be.

Study online on the fast-track

This degree-completion program is designed for students with at least 60 transfer credits but is also open to students with fewer transfer credits or who have never attended college.

You’ll join a supportive online community of students who are committed to personal growth and professors who will help you every step of the way.

Students with 60 or more transferable academic credits can finish their bachelor’s degree online in two years or less. Students with fewer than 60 credits will need more time.

Find out more in the entrance requirements and the degree requirements.

A degree grounded in consciousness

You’ll explore a range of unique topics in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Through MUM’s system of Consciousness-Based education, you’ll connect these disciplines to each other and to your own life.

You’ll also learn the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, an evidence-based practice that enhances creativity and clear thinking, and promotes inner peace and wellness.

Featured classes


Cross Cultural Communication


You’ll learn how to understand different cultural norms and traditions from around the world, analyzing case studies and participating in workshops that further your knowledge.


Physiology is Consciousness


You’ll study the mind and body, examining how the brain constructs reality at every moment and how the total creative potential of the brain can be awakened.


Writing for Professional Development


In this course, you’ll learn to compose and edit the kinds of writing done in the real world by non-profit and for-profit employees, managers, entrepreneurs, and more.


Creative Process


You’ll discover your own inner creativity, and explore what accomplished artists, writers, and filmmakers have revealed about their creative process.


Yes. However, before you enroll you’ll need to learn the TM technique since it is a key element of Consciousness-Based education. This instruction will be in-person with a certified TM teacher near you (or on our Fairfield, IA campus).

New U.S. online students learn the TM technique before enrolling at MUM. MUM has a special TM course fee of $190 for students enrolling in online degree programs. For information on the TM technique or finding a TM teacher, visit

You can complete our program in one year if you have 90 credits.

Students with 60 or more transferable academic credits can finish their bachelor’s degree online in two years or less. Students with fewer than 60 credits will need more time.

Undergraduate degree students can apply transfer credits to cover general education requirements, electives, and up to half the course work in the major, for a maximum of 90 total credits. Transfer credits are accepted for courses completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

The Admissions Office can provide an estimate of your transferable credits based on transcripts provided during the application process. For more exact information, our Enrollment Center and academic advisors can evaluate your transcripts either before enrollment or during academic advising sessions after you’ve enrolled.

You should plan to spend 12-14 hours per week for a 4-credit on each course. If you are taking two courses at a time, you should plan to spend 24-28 hours per week reading, creating assignments, writing discussion forum posts, and studying course materials.
4-credit courses are eight weeks long and 2-credit course are four weeks long. There are two semester terms, plus a January term and a summer term.
You can take one or two courses at a time, or one course in one of the eight-week segments each semester and two courses in the other segment. Choose the pace that is best for you. The specific options are as follows:

  • Full-time: 12 credits or more per semester
  • Three-quarters time: 9-11 credits per semester
Yes, financial aid is available to eligible degree-seeking students. See Cost & Aid for tuition and an estimate of your financial aid. Also, feel free to contact our financial aid office at or (641) 472-1156.
Graduates should be able to…

  • display improvements in perception, thinking, feeling, and overall growth of consciousness (development of consciousness
  • display a healthy and optimal quality of life that allows them to get through their daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress (health)
  • apply unifying principles within and across disciplines to synthesize ideas, integrate divergent perspectives, and understand what they have learned in light of their own consciousness (holistic thinking)
  • evaluate confidence in a thesis or judgment on the basis of logic, reliable evidence, ethical values, and openness to alternative assumptions and points of view (critical thinking)
  • respond to and express ideas, feelings, and information in speech, text, and other media (communication)
  • act from a global perspective to effectively address local economic, cultural, social, and environmental challenges (local and global citizenship)
You must be self-motivated, organized and disciplined to successfully study online. The flexible schedule and ability to learn from home are appealing to many students.

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