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Become a certified Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant

Ayurveda — which means “science of life” — is a traditional, prevention-oriented system of medicine that addresses the body, mind and environment of the individual in order to provide a holistic health solution.

MUM is the only accredited US university to offer a degree that provides this knowledge. You’ll gain proficiency in the practical applications for your own life and the life of others.

What is Maharishi AyurVeda?

We teach Maharishi AyurVeda℠, a unique form of Ayurveda that has been re-evaluated from a scientific perspective. Extensive clinical experience as well as over 600 scientific research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Maharishi AyurVeda modalities.

What will I learn?

Our program integrates modern medicine and science with the natural approach of Ayurveda—and teaches you how to use them together to create optimal health.

In the BA program, you’ll learn the basics of a range of natural therapeutic techniques, including:

  • Optimal diet and routine for different individuals
  • Beneficial herbal supplements for specific imbalances and organ systems
  • Traditional purification therapies
  • Principles of biological rhythms and their effects on health

Study online on your own time

Our asynchronous online structure lets you study on your own schedule. The relaxed pace of the classes ensures that you have time to absorb each topic fully without stress.

You’ll connect with students and professors through group exercises, webinars, and more, enjoying collaboration and support from a positive, tight-knit community of like-minded people committed to creating a healthier world.

Learn practical skills

You’ll receive in-depth training on how to conduct Ayurvedic consultations, learning how to use holistic modalities to assess, maintain, and restore balance on different levels of the mind-body system.

You’ll also study the business side of operating your own consulting practice, as well as the legalities involved in running a clinic. You’ll graduate with the practical skills you need to start your own career in wellness consulting.

Financial aid is available for this program. Learn more ➤

On-campus training

As part of the program, you’ll visit our Fairfield, Iowa campus twice for two-week intensive clinical training courses. You’ll learn to conduct Ayurvedic consultations in a clinical setting under the supervision of a licensed doctor and a traditionally trained Ayurvedic physician.

Clinical training on the MUM campus is available only to US students. International students must arrange clinical components at a Maharishi AyurVeda facility–or with a Maharishi AyurVeda practitioner–in their home country or somewhere nearby.

Featured classes


Modern Health


You’ll study common diseases of the major organ systems, exploring the correlation between modern medical approaches and Ayurveda. Topics include principles of pathology, symptoms of common diseases, treatments, and more.


Starting a Successful Practice in Ayurveda Wellness


In this course, you’ll gain the practical skills you need to start a success wellness practice. You’ll learn how choose your clinic type, forecast costs and revenues, meet government regulations, pick a location, market your clinic to the public, handle a payroll, and more.


Basic Principles of Maharishi AyurVeda I


You’ll learn the unique language of Ayurveda and the basics of the Ayurvedic pulse-reading technique, laying a foundation for further study. Topics include the definition of health from the Ayurvedic perspective, disease prevention, and foundational principles of Ayurveda.


Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant Practicum


You’ll earn practical experience in consulting with clients, building your confidence in a clinical setting. Students take turns leading consultations and discussing case studies under the supervision of experts, tying everything they’ve learned together in a final capstone project.

Faculty profile

professor-sultan-salahProfessor Sultan Salah, M.S. is a PhD researcher in Ayurveda, an experienced teacher and active Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant. He has been actively researching into the practical applications of Ayurveda in the contemporary world of natural healthcare for the past five years and is working to integrate Ayurveda into hospitals, universities and medical organizations across the world with the fruits of his PhD research. His PhD thesis aims to scientifically validate Ayurveda by bridging the ancient Vedic science with the many branches of modern science.

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