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The College of Maharishi Vedic Science offers an online Master’s degree in Maharishi Vedic Science for practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation®technique who prefer to study in the comfort of their home.

Maharishi Vedic Science investigates the knowledge and experience of the full range of consciousness, which ranges from the experience of thoughts, feelings and outer objects to the experience of the silent, awake field of pure consciousness that is the source of all thoughts and action.

This infinite “reservoir” of pure consciousness is found to be not only the source of our own creativity and intelligence, but also the source of natural law that governs the order and intelligence of the universe. Studying Maharishi Vedic Science allows us to explore the full range of life and human potential, both in theory and in practice, and apply our knowledge to enrich all aspects of life.


 The online Masters in Maharishi Vedic Science offers some advantages:
  • Students can earn an MA in MVS no matter where they live in the world. Sometimes students right here in Fairfield take the online MA because it suits their busy schedules.
  • Each course offers a clear structure with built-in flexibility so that you can fit your course work into your other commitments.


There are two options for the program:

1. Taking the courses for credit to receive an MA in Maharishi Vedic Science degree:

  • The program consists of 12 courses, each 4 credits, 48 total credits
  • Students take 4 courses per year for three years
  • The Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC) course is required and must be the first course taken. The requirement can be waived if the student has previously taken the STC course, the Science of Creative Intelligence Course, or is an active TM teacher.
  • After taking STC, we recommend that you complete the courses at one level before going on to the next level.

2. Taking the courses not-for-credit

  • The Science and Technology of Consciousness course is not required
  • We again recommend that you complete the courses at one level before going on to the next level.


Who to contact

If you are interested in applying for the MA MVS online program, please email Corina Acosta or call (641) 472 1184 for more information about course registration and program application. You can also contact our Distance Education Department at

To apply, please check out the how to get started first, then if you meet the entrance requirements, you can apply online and select the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science.

Questions about the program?

Please contact us at or call (641) 472 1184.

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