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Course Descriptions for the Online MA in Maharishi Vedic Science

The Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC) is a basic course in Consciousness-Basedsm education that is the unique educational approach of Maharishi University of Management. Our university was inspired by the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a scientist and Vedic scholar from India. The practical aspect of STC is the Transcendental Meditation technique, a simple non-religious mental technique that produces positive effects on mental health, physical health, and social behaviors. For more information, go to

The goal of this course is for you to gain experience and understanding of consciousness as the unifying basis of all branches of knowledge. This course provides a foundation for all other courses you will take at Maharishi University of Management and introduces you to key ideas and terms relevant to your studies and to your experience here.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the relationship between your individual self and your universal Self—the field of pure inner wakefulness, unbounded pure consciousness, at the source of thought.
  • Use principles of the Science of Creative Intelligence to deepen your understanding of foundational principles in the arts, sciences, and humanities.
  • Articulate how growth of consciousness and the study of inner subjectivity enrich education and other areas of life.

First Level Courses:


The goal of the course is to gain a deeper understanding of higher states of consciousness as described in Maharishi Vedic Science, and a more profound appreciation for how they can be cultivated through Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness.

A primary objective of this course will be to accelerate the development of consciousness through an ideal daily routine and through daily practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program.

Required text for the course: The Supreme Awakening, by Craig Pearson, Ph.D., available at MUM Press

Bhagavad-Gita I: The Principles of Dharma, the Eternal Nature of Life, and Effortlessness of Transcending as the Basis of Right Action

In this course, students study Maharishi’s commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita, which provides a systematic exposition of the development of human consciousness, its relationship to knowledge, and its application to improve the quality of individual and collective life. This course covers all six chapters. (4 credits)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita: A Translation and Commentary, Chap. 1–6
Available at MUM Press

Bhagavad-Gita II: The Roles of Silence and Action, Knowledge and Experience, in Rising to Higher States of Consciousness

In this course, students study Maharishi’s commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita, which provides a systematic exposition of the development of human consciousness, its relationship to knowledge, and its application to improve the quality of individual and collective life. This course focuses in depth on chapters 4–6. (4 credits)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad-Gita: A Translation and Commentary, Chap. 1–6
Available at MUM Press

Learning the Language of Nature and Understanding Principles of Natural Law

This course introduces the proper pronunciation and reading of Sanskrit, the language of
the Vedic literature. Students learn the Sanskrit alphabet and the Devanāgarī script, and
they study Maharishi’s explanation of the role of Sanskrit as the language of nature.
(variable credits — may be repeated for credit)

Required: Learning the Sanskrit Alphabet
Recommended: Sanskrit Flashcards
Optional: Sanskrit Alphabet Wall Poster
All available at MUM Press

Second Level of Courses


This course examines the role of science in the acquisition of knowledge. It considers the basic components of the scientific method, the fundamentals of logic and important issues in the philosophy of science including the strengths and limitations of both objectivity and subjectivity. This is then compared and contrasted with the integrative approach of Maharishi Vedic Science, which offers study and research in the field of pure consciousness, the ultimate reality of one’s own Self.

Physics of Invincibility

This course demonstrates how the historical development of unified quantum field theory has been intimately concerned with resolving the apparent opposition between observer and observed. In this context, the student can readily understand how Maharishi Vedic Science completes and enriches the most sophisticated discoveries of advanced physics.

Brain, Consciousness, and Veda: Awakening Your Total Brain Potential

In this course, students learn how the brain is designed to be a perfect reflector of total natural law. They see how consciousness structures the physiology and how the innumerable connections among the ten billion brain cells enable a person to live in higher states of consciousness. Students measure their own growth of consciousness as part of the course. (2–4 credits)

Measuring the impulses of the body’s intelligence and restoring balance in the physiology through the touch of three fingertips

Self-pulse reading is the most ancient and most natural means of determining the level of balance or imbalance in the mind and body. This course presents Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s revival of this ancient technology to determine the state of the inner intelligence of the body. Everyone should learn Maharishi Self-PulseSM reading to maintain one’s own health.

Maharishi Self-Pulse reading allows one to detect imbalances early, before they manifest as disease. Reading the pulse allows one to precisely determine where the imbalance is and how to restore balance.

Furthermore, pulse reading is therapeutic in itself. Just taking the pulse increases the balance in the pulse and thereby the balance of the whole mind and body. Taking the pulse enlivens the connection between mind and body, consciousness and matter.

Third Level Courses


In this course, students discover the fabrics of immortality in their own physiology. Topics include the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness, the Constitution of the Universe, the forty aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature, Maharishi’s Apaurusheya Bhashya, Rik Veda, and Vedic Devata in the human physiology.
This course will examine the methodology of creating a permanent state of world peace. Topics will include: the structure and function of the total potential of Natural Law — the Government of Nature; the significance of Collective Consciousness and its effect on government; the Global Country of World Peace; and, scientific research on Vedic technologies that align individual and national awareness with the infinite intelligence and creative power of Nature’s Government, which administers the universe with perfect order.

Celebrating Perfection in Education: Synthesizing the Year of Study and Preparing for the Future

In this course, students review their growth and understanding of higher states of consciousness by writing two papers: a personal narrative of their experience during their course of study in the MA program, and an academic paper reviewing the main principles of Maharishi Vedic Science they have learned in their coursework. In addition, students view tapes of Maharishi on education and give written and oral feedback on their educational experience in the MA program.

Course Components

  • Video explaining the topic of the week
  • Video of lecture by faculty
  • Readings from texts by Maharishi and supplementary readings
  • Maharishi videos
  • Learning activities—chat room (text based) to discuss points and to comment on other student’s points. Students will be asked to enter some response each week to pass the class.
  • Webinar (video based through Adobe Connect) to discuss larger issues. Students will be asked to participate or view the archived copy each week to pass the class. This could be done at a local centers.
  • Bi-weekly deliverable (written assignment)


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