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Principles of Maharishi Vedic Science in Physics — Online Course

MVS 544 copy

MVS 544

This course is offered for credit and noncredit

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Tuition for noncredit students: $600
Tuition for credit students: $2000 ($500×4 credits)


What is real? Modern science has been uncovering the laws of nature for over two hundred years. What conclusions have been come to? How do these discoveries relate to one’s own inner experience of life? Do the laws of nature described by modern physics conflict with the descriptions of reality found in the ancient Vedic Literature? Or are they somehow similar?

This course looks at the most fundamental understandings of the universe from the perspective of Maharishi Vedic Science and from physics. The two fields will be compared, contrasted, and discussed in terms of how they relate to one’s own daily life.

Instructor: Johan Svenson

 All Lesson videos are pre-recorded and includes Johan Svenson

 All Lecture videos are pre-recorded and includes Maharishi and Dr. John Hagelin

Course structure

Topics include:

  • The “master key verse” of the Vedic Literature
  • The origin and structure of the cosmos
  • Experiences in higher states of consciousness
  • Invincibility
  • Quantum theory
  • The fabric of spacetime
  • And more

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