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Physiology, Consciousness and Veda — Online Course

MVS 504 copy

MVS 504

This course is offered for credit and noncredit

Spring 2019

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Tuition for noncredit students: $600 Start Date: Feb 4th
Tuition for credit students: $2000 ($500×4 credits) Start & End Dates: Feb 4th – Apr 12th (10 weeks) Current Schedule

Registration for credit students will end on Feb 4th


Are we primarily matter? Or are we primarily consciousness? Is the body a machine that creates a conscious experience? Or is conscious experience the result of the interaction of a field of consciousness with brain functioning.

This course explores concepts of mind and brain in science; identifies paradigms governing research into this area; and compares the understanding of mind, consciousness and the body in modern science and Maharishi Vedic Science.

∗ Instructor: Peter Hodak – Bio coming soon

Course Structure

The goal of this course is to understand the relation between brain and consciousness. Each lesson has 3 or 4 videos approximately 15 to 20 minutes each. Once you register, you have access to the course for six months to one year.

What you will learn to do:

  • Be able to relate the Maharishi Vedic Science paradigm that the physiology is consciousness of brain, body, and consciousness. (2,3,8)
  • Be able to explain how the brain functions, develops and is affected by food and experience. (3,5)
  • Be able to describe the brain signature of states of consciousness. (5,8)
  • Be able to explain the model of the Veda and Vedic Literature in Human Physiology. (2,8)

By the end of this course, you will be able to answer these questions:

  • Can we be born enlightened?
  • How can the knowledge be lost over time?
  • Why do teenagers have the stereotype of showing poor judgment?
  • How do cell phones affect the brain?
  • How do male and female brains differ?
  • How do coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs affect the brain?
  • What can I do for fastest growth to enlightenment?
  • What is the purpose of sleeping and dreaming?
  • Do enlightened people still sleep?
  • What are the EEG patterns of waking, dreaming, sleeping, Transcendental Meditation practice and enlightenment?

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