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MBA in SAP Finance

The MBA in SAP Finance addresses the needs of students who want to develop their knowledge of business processes using SAP enterprise software, one of the world’s leading integrated information system platforms used in multi-national companies and international non-government organizations (NGOs).

We prepare students to take positions as SAP-Finance analysts, ERP consultants, or accounting managers in organizations that use ERP platforms.

Rapid graduation versus practical training internships

For those who wish to graduate as quickly as possible, the required on-campus time consists of 11–15 months of continuous study. Prior academic background in business courses may shorten this duration.

Note: International students who select the rapid graduation track may qualify for Optional Practical Training for one year of possible full-time employment after graduation.

About the program director

Naveed Abbasi is Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Director of Enterprise Resource Planning at MUM. He brings more than 10 years of valuable experience in implementing ERP systems for multi-national corporations. Besides teaching SAP courses, he teaches financial modeling and data analysis using Excel.

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