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Prerequisites and Placement Scores

The diagram below places the courses in the top line, into which you may have been placed, with some popular mathematics courses. Courses are connected by an arrow if the course on the left is prerequisite for the course on the right.

Note: Every course in the diagram, except MATH 051 and MATH 152, can be used to satisfy MUM’s general education requirement in mathematics.

IMPORTANT: If a student wishes to use his or her standing in a math placement assessment to satisfy the prerequisite for a course, that course must be taken within 18 months of the assessment. Otherwise, the assessment will need to be taken and passed at that level again.

If you are aiming to place out of this course :Sign up for this Prep and Learning Module:
Math 051 Basic Mathematics
(ALEKS scores 14–29)
Prep for Beginning Algebra
Math 152 Elementary Algebra
(ALEKS scores 30–45)
Prep for Intermediate Algebra
Math 153 Intermediate Algebra
(ALEKS scores 46–60)
Prep for College Algebra or Prep for Precalculus
Math 161 Functions & Graphs 1
(ALEKS scores 61–75)
Prep for Calculus
Math 162 Functions & Graphs 2
(ALEKS scores 76–100)
Prep for Calculus

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