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Program Assessment Measures for the Math Track

ETS Major Field Test in Mathematics

Students in the Mathematics Track of the Mathematics Major take the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Mathematics, usually during the Senior Project in their final year. It is expected that students will score in at least the 50 percentile. Less than that is cause for concern.

Senior Project and Presentation for Math Major

Students write a substantial paper unifying the knowledge gained from the courses taken during their major and relating this knowledge to deep principles from Maharishi Science of Consciousness. They report on readings or research they conduct on a topic or problem suggested by the course MATH424 Real Analysis 2 or by the course MATH432 Abstract Algebra 2.

Students also prepare an oral presentation, suitable for a lay audience, based on the paper, for submission for presentation at the annual Knowledge Celebration in June of the year of completion of the major.

The paper is evaluated by the supervisor of that student’s senior project and by at least one other senior faculty member for significant content, significant unification of mathematical principles from all of their courses, and connection to general principles from Maharishi Science of Consciousness. In addition, they are evaluated for information literacy, writing ability according to criteria for modern mathematical writing, and critical thinking.


At the end of each academic year, all mathematics majors are asked to fill out a questionnaire asking for their degree of satisfaction with what they have accomplished during their degree program so far. For students in this track, topics covered are related to the mission, goals, and outcomes of the Mathematics Track of the Mathematics Major.


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