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Math Track for the BS in Mathematics

The Mathematics Track provides a strong foundation in mathematics up to the level of a two-course sequence in either abstract algebra or real analysis. It includes a senior project in one of these areas or a related area.

  • Students are prepared for graduate study in mathematics or for a career in a technical, professional, or scientific area.
  • By careful selection of additional courses, students may graduate prepared to undertake graduate study in computer science, in business, or in other professional and scientific areas. This includes the opportunity to complete the Master of Science in Computer Science at Maharishi University of Management in just over a year.
  • By also majoring in education, students can graduate prepared to teach mathematics in primary or secondary schools.

In addition to the requirements below for the BS in Mathematics, students need to satisfy the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

Students in all tracks of the math major must complete:

  • MATH 281 Calculus 1
  • MATH 282 Calculus 2
  • MATH 283 Calculus 3
  • MATH 286 Linear Algebra 1

Students in the Mathematics Track must also complete:

  • MATH 272 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 351 Probability
  • MATH 423 Real Analysis 1
  • MATH 431 Abstract Algebra 1
  • MATH 490 Senior Project


12 credits of courses at the level of Math 267 or above, including at least one of Math 424 Analysis 2 and Math 432 Algebra 2.

In addition, in their final year, students in the Mathematics Track are required to take the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Mathematics and submit their results to the Department of Mathematics. This is usually done during the course MATH 490.


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