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Maharishi Universityof Management

Welcome from the Program Director

John-Collins“I’m assisting intelligent, creative, and well-organized students who are pursuing their passion. It’s great!” John Collins, Director of Individualized Majors Program

Greetings from Individualized Major Program Director

Many students find one of our regular majors suits them. But there are some who want to put together their own degree. Usually it fuses courses from two or more majors into a new concept. For example, a student wants to learn about sustainable living, but also wants plenty of media and communications skills to promote sustainability. The result might be the ‘Bachelor of Arts in Communicating Sustainability.’ And that is what goes on your degree diploma.

Individualized Majors need to be intelligent, creative and well-organized. They also need to be prepared to do a little extra work writing out their own degree proposal. I guide and assist that process, and other members of faculty provide support and specialist knowledge. But in the end, it’s you the student who is the prime mover. It’s your concept, your passion, and your determination that will ultimately create the result.

Individualized majors are thrilled to be able to self-create their vision, and end up with an ideal educational qualification for their ongoing journey in life. It’s an honor to be part of that journey and a delight to meet such wonderful students.

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